Blooming Branches are here!

by Kristin Lares

These blooming branches have got to be one of my favorite flowers. They are delicate, stunning, and simply dramatic when displayed in a vase. If you haven’t experienced them, I suggest you bring some home this year. They are grown in Portland, Oregon and will be shipped to Bristol Farms on a weekly basis. Varieties will vary from week to week as the season progresses. We will feature blossoms of Plum, Cherry, Almond, Apple, and Forsythia. The Forsythia blossom has bright yellow blooms and will be available earliest in season from January through mid-March.  The Cherry blossom, which comes in an array of soft pinks, will be available through mid-March as well. Almond and Apple blossoms will trickle in as they become available.

They are simply beautiful to look at everyday! Price ranges from $14.99 to $19.99 per bunch. Stop by Bristol Farms floral department today and take a look for yourself.

Alice Grazziani-Hosepian

Director Bristol Gardens

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