Brighten up your day with Sunbeam Sunflowers!

by Kristin Lares

The Sunbeam Sunflower has a uniquely bright center which starts out bright green and turns yellow as the flower matures. They are grown for us by the world’s largest ornamental sunflower company, Dos Gringos in Vista, California. They are cut and shipped to our stores weekly.

Did you know that this Sunbeam sunflower variety is pollen free? This means it won’t stain your tablecloth, clothes, or counter tops. Sunbeams are one of the longest lasting varieties; about 9 full days for your enjoyment.

Our great everyday price of $3.99 allows anyone to bring a smile to someone’s face or to even cheer themselves up. Sunbeam Sunflowers is our exciting ad item for this week through February 1st selling 2 bunches for $6.00. Pick them up while the sale lasts!

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