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Tulips all year long; summer, winter, spring and fall!

posted on January 25th, 2011 by Kristin Lares

I can guarantee that no matter what the season is you will find locally, sustainably grown tulips at Bristol Farms. It is always great to see spring bulbs being sold in the middle of winter. Sun Valley grows these winter tulips from the Southern hemisphere where the season is opposite from ours, tricking these flowers to bloom all year long.  It is amazing to see this process but it is even more amazing to see them in our stores all year long.

The tulips come in assorted colors. In the fall you will find our favorite autumn colors such as bright orange, bright yellow, and deep purple. At Christmas time you will be able to purchase bi-colors in a beautiful cherry red and snowy white mix. The color mix and variety during the spring time will blow you away! Stop in to any Bristol Farms and take home a bunch or two today.

Alice Grazziani-Hosepian

Director Bristol Gardens

3 comments on “Tulips all year long; summer, winter, spring and fall!

  1. Alice, thanks for mentioning Sun Valley’s year-round soil-grown tulips! To keep up on the latest activity in Sun Valley’s “Tulipville”, check out our News and Events page regularly: http://www.thesunvalleygroup.com/thesunvalleygroup/News.cfm

  2. jeanne says:

    I have bought tulips from Bristol Farms before and I enjoyed them for 15 days incredible.

  3. Cynthia says:

    I have enjoyed the floral selection at Bristol Farms for a while and I’m always so amazed at the quality of the flowers. I’m thrilled to learn that tulips are avaialbe year round at Bristol Farms. They are one of my favorite flowers. Thanks for the opportunity to comment.

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