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Bristol’s Own Soups

With this cool air and threat of rain, one thing comes to mind for dinner; warm, satisfying soup.  Here at Bristol Farms, we pride ourselves on our homemade soups made from the freshest ingredients available.  We have several varieties to choose from; Chicken Noodle, Cuban Beef, Clam Chowder, and many, many more.  My personal favorite […]

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Admittedly, we are a little slow on the draw, but none-the-less, we would be remiss if we didn’t draw attention to a fun and delicious little sparkling wine that just arrived. Valentines Day is but a recent memory, but why wait for a numbered square on a calendar to show your sweetheart how much you care. Rebello Strawbellini is just […]

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Bristol Farms’ Page Mandarins

If you love fresh tangerines, then you have to come by and get your hands on some Bristol Farms Page Mandarins. Page Mandarins are a mix between a Minneola Tangelo and a Clementine Tangerine and are  deliciously sweet, virtually seedless, high in vitamin C and release an absolutely wonderful citrus scent. These Tangerine treats are easy […]

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Snake River Farms’ Kurobuta Pork

Available in March, the Bristol Farms’ Meat Department is proudly offering Snake River Farms Kurobuta fully cooked  pork sausages. Look for flavors like Portabella/Gouda, Kurizo, Sweet Italian, Bratwurst, and Hickory Kurobuta Bacon.  Snake River Farms is one of the only brands offering 100% purebred Berkshire breed pork, ensuring a consistently exquisite eating experience. Often referred […]

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Orin Swift Machete – Limited Stock

A cult? Not yet, but quite likely one in the making. While cults largely have negative connotations, some can be fun, interesting and down right pleasurable. Dave Phinney, the personality and creator behind Orin Swift, is best known for his flagship wine The Prisoner. Nobody really knew what was in it, but it sure tasted good. It took […]

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Come and Enjoy a Taste of Italy with us!

For two weeks, we are featuring Asiago Pressato D.O.P. and Speck Alto Adige I.G.P., both imported from Italy. The Asiago Pressato is a “Protected Designation of Origin” cheese, which means it is guaranteed to be authentic and the producer has complied with strict regulations created by the Consorzio.  The name Asiago is derived from the […]

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Meet the Experts!

Have you ever wondered how to shuck an oyster, how to make sausage, or the art of making a sushi roll?  Bristol Farms in Palm Desert is hosting a “Meet the Experts” event this Saturday, February 12 from 10am – 3pm.  Come meet Pete Davis, Senior Director of Meat, Seafood, and Sushi Departments as he […]

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Gourmet Chocolates & Coffee for Valentine’s

Love, Amore, L’Amour, and Amor…however you say it, love is essential to mankind.  From the beginning of time, we associate love with giving something special to the one that makes your heart skip a beat… At Bristol Farms we have what you need, want, and desire!  From incredible, decadent, hand-crafted chocolates by Moonstruck, to Godiva […]

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Valentine’s Meal for Two

Want to make Valentine’s evening amazing yet easy? This year, we are offering 2 heart shaped Wellingtons with your choice of beef, salmon, chicken or vegetarian, twice baked potatoes, vegetables, chocolate dipped strawberries, a nice bottle of champagne and 2 glass flutes for only $59.99. Take it home, heat, and serve…..absolutely delicious. The Wellingtons are […]

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Looking for a sweet and salty snack? Try our new Ewephoria cheese with our delicious Fig Spread! Ewephoria is a Sheep’s milk Gouda imported from The Netherlands. This wonderful cheese is aged for a minimum of 12 months, allowing the salt crystals to develop which gives this cheese a great textural contrast. Bold, nutty, slightly […]

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