Frost Kissed Artichokes

by John Savidan

Frost Kissed ArtichokeWant to taste one of the best eating artichokes that you could ever have? Come by Bristol Farms and get your hands on some of our “Frost Kissed” Jumbo Artichokes. Don’t let the unattractive outer appearance fool you as Artichokes become “Frost Kissed” at temperatures below 32 degrees. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the artichoke itself other than the outer layer turns brown, flakes and even peels, much like a sunburn. However the real treat is when they are cooked, the flakes disappear, revealing a delicious green Artichoke. Many of our customers and renowned Chefs will attest that there is great flavor to be had eating a Bristol Farms “Frost Kissed” Artichoke.

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