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Fresh Berries – More Than Just Pretty Colors

If you have ever had the pleasure of picking berries right from a garden or gathering wild berries in the woods, you already know how wonderful fresh berries are. While mom always recommended getting those extra servings of fruits and vegetables, she probably wasn’t aware of all the health benefits which are packed into these […]

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Get Your Skinny On with Nut Butters

Expand your sandwich horizons with delicious – and – nutritious varieties… Peanut butter and jelly: In the United States, it’s in more brown bags than any other sandwich.  Nut butters, in general, are packed with heart – healthy nutrients and they’re often a good source of protein, so it’s worth exploring all your options. At […]

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Coffee Grounds for Earth Day and a 10 Cent Savings

For over 40 years, Earth Day—April 22—has inspired and mobilized individuals and organizations worldwide to demonstrate their commitment to environmental protection and sustainability. Last year, The Coffee Department at Bristol Farms started  a new eco-friendly program to give back to our customers…our Complimentary Grounds Program has been such a huge success that in most of […]

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A Solution to your Last Minute Easter Meal Plans

Have last minute Easter plans?  Don’t fret, here at Bristol Farms we have everything you need for your Easter Brunch or dinner! Come and stop by our Service Deli and we will help you plan and pick out the perfect foods for you, your friends and family. Get started with our succulent Spiral Slice ham; […]

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Festive Easter Baskets

It has been estimated that around 90% of children in the US receive some form of a bountiful, gift-filled Easter basket during the holiday season, a tradition that has existed for quite some time.  Spring is a period of blessing and rebirth – the fertility goddess Eostre (a Germanic entity whose Anglo-Saxon month, Ēostur-monath, is […]

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Squeezed to Please – Perricone Tangerine Juice

For more than 60 Years, the Perricone name and quality citrus have been synonymous. Today, the Perricone Juice Company is known nationwide for their commitment to safety, quality; and to squeezing and bottling the very finest premium citrus juice products available. Every year around early Spring we are proud to offer the first of the […]

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Meet the Experts in Westchester

In the Fall of 2010 we introduced a new twist on an old concept. From time to time in years past we would hold an “Open House” type event at our various stores. This would be an opportunity for our valued customers to come in for an even more enjoyable shopping experience. We took the […]

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Spring has Sprung with Pecorino Cheese

Nothing says Spring time like Italian Pecorino Cheese! Isn’t that the saying?  It is in my world of cheese.  This week we are featuring three different Pecorino cheeses from Tuscany, Italy.  Made with Sheep’s milk, these beautiful Pecorino’s are slightly salty and sharp and are perfect for shaving over creamy risotto, or grilled spring vegetables. […]

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First Of the Season Locally Grown Blueberries

Fresh blueberries are a naturally blue food item and are one of the few known fruits native to North America. When ripe, our local blueberries are a deep indigo blue color with a gray natural waxy coating called bloom. The bloom is preferred by many and is nature’s way of protecting the blueberries from external […]

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Bristol Farms receives “Best Specialty Food Store” and “Best Florist” Honors

Thanks to for voting Bristol Farms as one of the “Best Specialty Food Stores” and “Best Florists” in the valley. Congratulations to our Palm Desert Florist, Beto, and staff for receiving the honors. Visit any of our floral shops to see the most artistic and breathtaking floral arrangements available.

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