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How to pick your Memorial Day Watermelon

Look for the tell-tale “ripe spot”; It will be on the bottom of the watermelon and is a light yellow or creamy color patch. The magic behind this is that over time this spot will develop as the melon grows on the soil allowing the melon to fully ripen and become sweeter. If the spot […]

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Peony Season is Finally Here!

The weather has most definitely played a factor in the late arrival of Peonies this year.  Local Peonies were not available to us on Mothers Day as we were required to import product from Holland in order to offer these amazing flowers for Mom. Although it is a bit late, I cannot wait to welcome […]

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Summer Nights at the Hollywood Bowl

The first time I visited the Hollywood Bowl I was sitting in my seat thinking that I was truly blessed to live in such an amazing state like California. Sitting in the heart of Hollywood watching such talent, experiencing the perfect weather, enjoying the whole experience of being outdoors in the venue with 17 thousand […]

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What Type of Thermometer do you Need?

Consensus is a home chef needs at least one type of thermometer: an instant read thermometer for sticking into a piece of meat or fish to read the internal temperature. These are a million times better than the type you leave in the meat as it cooks. If you like to fry, you’ll need a […]

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Bristol Farms’ Air-Chilled Chicken

Mandatory in Europe, air-chilling is a process by which chickens are cooled after processing. On the contrary, the standard method used in the United States involves the use of a large chlorinated water vat. The chickens are immersed in the super chilled chlorinated water and a large “screw” is utilized to churn them through the […]

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Castroville Artichokes

It just wouldn’t be Spring without the bountiful amounts of “Peak of the Season” Jumbo Castroville Artichokes. Many people probably don’t know much about Castroville California let alone that it is the actual artichoke capital of the world. These wonderful eating artichokes have become so popular mostly because of their thick meaty leaves, large hearts […]

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Birthday Happenings at KLOS Studios

You are not going to believe what some of our lucky catering staff got to do last week! We cooked and delivered our delicious catered breakfast to our favorite DJ’s Mark and Brian from 95.5 KLOS!  We are big fans and the official caterers for the “KLOS Mark and Brian Green Room” and it just […]

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Come join us for a taste of Pannonia Ham from Canada!

Pannonia ham is truly a special ham.   This ham traces its historical roots back to the ancient Roman province of Pannonia now known as Hungary.  These hams are made from hogs selected for their leanness, and as a result it is low in fat.  It is a whole ham, not reconstituted like most others. This […]

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Simply Mud Gloves

Are you ready for your garden? Bristol Farms has a new arrival of fresh gloves at a hot retail, $7.99 a pair. We have some great, fun colors such as Banana, Kiwi, Passion Fruit, Blueberry, and Clementine. Stop on by and grab a few. They offer superior comfort and I absolutely love them! Made from […]

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Hand-Crafted Chocolates for Mother’s Day

Delight Mom with a special surprise this year from Bristol Farms.  At the Coffee Department, you can pick and choose your very own collection of chocolates from our beautiful chocolate case.  Choose from classic flavors in decadent Peach Bellini or Mimosa Truffles from Moonstruck Chocolatier.  Or how about some adorable Ladybug truffles in Milk, Dark, […]

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