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Let’s Hear It for the Side Dishes!

I love it when I come across a side dish that shows some great flavors and colors pulled together with imagination and kitchen talent.  I’ve had that perfectly grilled Salmon fillet a thousand times, but I might not always have a chance to enjoy a Chevre Ravioli Salad with sundried tomatoes or Fresh Blue Lakes […]

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The Recipes Remain the Same

29 years ago we opened our very first little café…. Time flies but the good recipes remain! We are so very happy that every day we hear customers comment on how absolutely delicious our food is.   Whether it is the Silver Spur Salad named after a road in Rolling Hills or the  Newport Beach Club […]

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River Salmon Season

In the spring the melting snow turns to cold, fast moving rivers that carry the newly hatched salmon to the ocean where they will roam for 2-8 years swimming and feasting until they reach maturity. These are the trolls or net fish that can vary in size and supply much of the salmon we consume. […]

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To Brew or Not to Brew – Stone Brewing Co.

A connoisseur of fine dining goes into a nice restaurant. Instead of the usual glass of wine with dinner, he instead asks for something special; “A Stone Smoked Porter”.  Just the sound of this deeply intense ale quickly begins to quench his thirst. The waiter eyes him coldly and says nothing. “Okay. How about a […]

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New! New Zealand Lamb

We’re pleased to introduce a new product to our meat cases this month; a free range grass-fed lamb from New Zealand. Free-range, grass-fed lamb provides good quality protein, the vital minerals iron and zinc, vitamin D and the B-group of vitamins such as B12, niacin, thiamin, and riboflavin. This lamb is never administered growth hormones […]

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New! Old Orchard Juices

Old Orchard began as a humble family farming operation over 25 years ago in Michigan’s Fruit Belt and is committed to producing great-tasting, innovative and healthy juices that your family is sure to enjoy. Old Orchard 100% Juices are nutritious sources of fruit and vitamins. Each eight-ounce glass serves you 120% DV Vitamin C and counts […]

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White Seabass Season

California White Seabass season has opened up and will continue through the summer. Locals and sport fishermen have long cherished this popular fish for its firm texture and robust flavor. Whether on the grill, pan seared, or broiled, these large white fillets are very universal and go great with many applications. While the season is […]

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Introducing our Private Label Cookies

This June, Bristol Farms introduced a new line of private label, all-natural cookies. These delicious treats come in a variety of flavors: • Ginger • Snickerdoodle • Chocolate Chip Dunker • Iced Oatmeal • Chocolate Chip • Organic Lemon Wafers (yep – certified Organic!) • Organic Vanilla Wafers (yep – another certified Organic flavor!) The […]

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Super Plants are here for the Summer!

Did you know the benefits of common indoor plants may provide a valuable weapon in the fight against rising levels of indoor air pollution? Those plants in your office or home are not only decorative, but NASA scientists are finding them to be surprisingly useful in absorbing potentially harmful gases and cleaning the air inside […]

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Imported Fusco Pasta Back by Popular Demand

Back in our Grocery department, by popular demand! From the heart of the Molise in Italy comes Fusco Pasta produced from top quality 100% semolina, which is kneaded with pure water from the valleys of Molise, Italy. The dough is then extruded through bronze dies and lastly, skillfully dried with a static process at very […]

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