Bristol’s $3.99 Breakfast

by Melinda Race

Hormel Old Smokehouse BaconIt is back…..the best Breakfast Special in all of southern California! I cannot tell you how many people missed it, so we decided to bring back what our customers requested most in our cafes…..The $3.99 breakfast special!

2 eggs (any style) , 2 pieces of bacon, morning potatoes and toast.   What makes this extraordinary is the bacon we buy: Old Smokehouse apple wood. Hormel Old Smokehouse apple wood bacon is smoked over 100% real apple wood  chips giving it a rich smoky flavor unmatched by any other bacon.  Thick and downright delicious.  You can get this special during all hours of our café operation without exception.   Would you believe we sell over 2000 of these meals on an average week in our cafes?  While you visit take the time to do your shopping and you have checked two things off your list for the day.

We look forward to seeing you soon…..

6 Responses to “ Bristol’s $3.99 Breakfast ”

  1. Mike says:

    Please advise ASAP if, where and when BF will be hosting HATCH CHILE SALES. Why do we have to keep begging for this info in order to plan ahead?
    TIA, Mike

  2. Nicole says:

    that’s a great deal!

  3. Orly says:

    No chili roasting in Westlake Village ? 🙁

    • bristolfarms says:

      We are not able to conduct our Hatch Chili Roasting event at our Westlake Village location due to limitations within the shopping center. But, product will be available in the store. Please speak with the Produce Manager for information on availability.

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