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California Grown Calla Lilies

posted on July 6th, 2011 by Kristin Lares

California Grown Calla LiliesNow, I know I said Peony was my all time favorite, but I think I was wrong. This California Grown Calla Lily has got to be my second favorite flower. What I love about them is that they are so amazingly sturdy and have a vase life of about two weeks.  The colors are so cheerful; there is no brighter yellow flower that comes to mind and will easily brighten up any room. The picture here does not do these flowers justice but it is nice to see our crop as we place our orders. The flowers are in buckets waiting to be sleeved and shipped directly to each Bristol Farms store.

The calla lily will come to us in an array of designer colors starting July 1st. The mango calla is so bright orange it is simply beautiful, just dropping them in a vase with nothing else is very elegant. Come and see for yourself!

This image is the actual crop that landed in our stores last week and sold out within a couple of days. These lucky customers will have them in their homes for another week. If you are one of these customers that purchased some, I would love to hear about your calla experience!

2 comments on “California Grown Calla Lilies

  1. Nicole says:

    How beautiful!!

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