Village Harvest Takes You around the World

by Mike McMahon

Village Harvest ArborioImporting rice and grains from their true origins has been the focus of the Village Harvest brand from its inception in 2007.  Just like wine, native soils and climates affect the taste, scent and texture of rice and grains.  Village Harvest rice and grains from Thailand, Italy, Peru and India provide natural goodness, aroma and flavor to a variety of cuisines.  And if you favor brown rice, Village Harvest has that option too, offering added nutritional benefits including extra fiber and protein since the hull is still intact.

Ethnic food is gaining wonderful popularity.  So, great food deserves delicious authentic, nutritious ingredients and Village Harvest is the best choice for this culinary adventure.  Whether creating a new dish or a favorite family recipe, your meal will be all the more delicious using Village Harvest imported rice.

So, come visit us at Bristol Farms and pick up a 30 oz bag of Arborio, Thai Jasmine, Brown Jasmine, Basmati, or Indian Brown rice. All varieties available today in our grocery aisles.

For more information about Village Harvest Rice, visit their Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/villageharvest

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