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NEW! Kona Red Antioxidant Juice

KonaRed™ is a powerful Hawaiian Superfruit! It’s the fruit of the coffee plant that surrounds, protects and nourishes the coffee bean (seed of the fruit). KonaRed™ has an extraordinary level of nutrients and antioxidants that get absorbed at the cellular level and are known to help prevent disease, delay aging and provide a long-lasting mood boost. Packed with 3 powerful […]

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Spanish Cheese!

This past week we have been celebrating Spain and the delicious foods that come out of this beautiful country. Spanish cheese has been a favorite for us here at Bristol Farms for years.  In our Cheese Departments, we started with traditional Manchego (Spain’s most famous cheese), and expanded the line to include Drunken Goat, Garrotxa, […]

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Spain, the New Old World?

Spain is known to have historical significance in viticulture with evidence of grape cultivation dating back well beyond 3000 B.C.  With the Phoenicians expanding their trade routes into the Iberian Peninsula around 1100 B.C., their footprint was left in the form of knowledge and varieties of grapes suitable for this pursuit. Currently, Spain is host […]

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Spanish Serrano Jamon

Serrano Jamon is a dried cured ham produced in Spain similar to the Italian Prosciutto.  Aged for at least one year, this is a national treasure to the Spaniards. This beautiful ham is cured in special drying rooms replicating the temperature and humidity of the four seasons. The process results in the finished product having […]

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Tillandsia Xerographica

Tillandsia xerographica is a beautiful species native to Salvador, Mexico and Guatemala. This rare cultivar is considered the King of the Tillandsia world. It is very slow growing but easy to care for an indoor/outdoor show plant. They can live in a wide temperature range, from 34°F to 110°F. The silvery gray leaves are wide […]

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Peet’s Coffee & Tea New Medium Roasts

Peet’s Coffee is launching two new ‘lighter roasts’:  Café Domingo and Café Solano .  They will be available beginning August 15th.  I really feel these new roasts will cater to the customer who is looking for a lighter roast, but still wants the freshness and robust flavor profile Peet’s is known for. Please come in […]

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NEW! In our Dairy, NOOSA Yoghurt

Noosa Finest Yoghurt is crafted from a super-secret Aussie recipe, with milk from happy cows raised on a family-owned Colorado farm. Aussies are famous for embracing other cultures, then adding their own little twist to make them their own. (It’s not “stealing,” it’s “being inspired.” There’s a difference!) That’s exactly what they did with Noosa […]

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Are you ready for some football????

Might seem like it is far, far away but it is not!  Bristol Farms Catering and Football go hand in hand.   Not only do we whip up the best in chicken wings, pepper belly bars, tri tip sandwiches, stuffed patty hamburgers, hot links and much, much more but we also can theme out an outstanding […]

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Local Farmers Market at Bristol Farms

Long before it was a trend to buy from local farms, Bristol Gardens practiced purchasing locally grown flowers to support our local flower growers. We drive up and down our beautiful California coastlines on a weekly basis to purchase flowers from local floral growers. I get goose bumps on a weekly basis to see such […]

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