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Gourmet Halloween Candies at Bristol Farms

posted on October 25th, 2011 by Carl Smith

The night of October 31st is full of celebrations and sometimes fears. It is now a secular holiday that combines what's left of the traditional harvest festival celebration. This is celebrated with particular customs which is based on the occasion to wear costumes, trick-or-treating, pranksters, and decoration which is based on some mystic or of the imagery of death. Halloween is also known as Samhain, Summer’s End, All Hallow’s Eve, Witches Night, Lamswool, and Snap-Apple. The history of Halloween like any other festival's history is inspired through traditions that have transpired throughout the ages from one generation to another. And as these traditions go on, much of their originality have been distorted with newer additions and alterations. This happens so gradually, spanning over so many ages, that we hardly come to know about these changes. In digging into its history helps sieve out the facts from the fantasies. Yet, uncertainties still prowl deep in our soul, especially… Read More

Wedding Catering by Bristol Farms

posted on October 24th, 2011 by Melinda Race

Every Bride and Groom to be knows just how special and important the nuptials and celebrations are for their own wedding day. The planning and hours spent on a wedding in addition to the everyday experiences can be quite stressful for the happy couple. That’s where a great team like our Bristol Farms Catering Specialists and Servers come in to help. Bristol Farms has been catering venues from small gatherings to large weddings and anniversary parties for over 30 years! Our own Nancy Navarro is our specialized wedding catering coordinator who will be thrilled to assist in your wedding celebrations. Beautiful weddings are Nancy’s specialty.  Can you imagine how nice it would be to just turn over all the details to a highly capable coordinator so that your day is seamless and beautiful? Well we have that person ready to work for you! Nancy has been with the Bristol Farms Catering Management Team for the last 3 years and has made many fantastic memories in her community. Plating is… Read More

Holiday Brews from Godiva Coffee

posted on October 19th, 2011 by Christophe Moreau

Oh, Fall, and Winter…what a wonderful time of year!  The weather changes, Thanksgiving and Holidays are upon us…time to get cozy with family and friends, good food and celebrations…with that in mind, we bring you Godiva’s Seasonal Coffees- Peppermint Mocha and Cinnamon Gingerbread Truffle! Peppermint Mocha- inspired by Godiva’s Candy Cane Bark with its irresistible combination of Godiva Chocolate and pieces of peppermint candy cane- delicious! Cinnamon Gingerbread Truffle- inspired by one of Godiva’s favorite truffles, with its creamy, sweet gingerbread ganache.  Now available at Bristol Farms throughout the season, but hurry in…they always sell out! Read More

Bristol's Own Hawaiian Style Poke

posted on October 14th, 2011 by Craig Tsuchiyama

Pokē-a Hawaiian is a raw fish salad served as an appetizer in Hawaiian cuisine and a verb for “section” or “to slice or cut”. Bristol Farms Seafood Bar offers a variety of different flavors.  There’s Aloha Poke, made with Ahi Tuna chunks and a blend of Hawaiian seasonings and Ogo seaweed. Our best selling Spicy Poke, where we add a couple of extra spices, and our new “Albacore Poke”, fashioned after recipes found in Hawaii’s finest restaurants using freshly sliced white & green onions. Poke is best served chilled with a bed of steamed rice, on a fresh salad, or as an appetizer served on crackers at your next get together. Also found at the Bristol Farms' Seafood Bar is a variety of marinated shrimp, octopus, calamari, mussels, and  sundried tomatoes that are imported from Europe plus Bristol’s own homemade Ceviché.  Stop by our seafood department for a sample Read More

Beeler's Heluka Pork

posted on October 12th, 2011 by Rick Stidham

The Beeler pork tradition started in 1846 when Tim's great-great Grandpa Fred immigrated from Germany to the gently rolling hills of Madison County, Iowa. On his farmstead, Grandpa Beeler began raising hogs. Today, six generations later, Tim Beeler's Danish Duroc sires crossed with Landrace/Yorkshire sows are the cornerstone of this exceptional Duroc pork. These hogs are raised in the Heluka™ method, pioneered by the Beeler family. “Heluka” is derived from the Native American language meaning “full of sun”. Heluka™ is an all inclusive proprietary system focusing on pig comfort, welfare and genetics. For example, gestation crates are not allowed on Beeler’s Heluka™ Farms. Rather, mama pigs enjoy the comfort of deep bedded nests of straw where they are free to move around, root and socialize with the other animals. They are also provided free access to food and water courts, and of course, outdoor paddocks to enjoy the sunshine. Also, Beeler’s Heluka™ Farms do not… Read More

KeVita Sparkling Probiotic Refreshment

posted on October 11th, 2011 by Roger Arechiga

With flu and cold season rearing its ugly head, we all want to be able to combat the nasty germs associated with many flu and cold viruses. Eating healthy, getting plenty of rest and exercise are always the best options, but many of us are on-the-go and looking for ways to support a healthy, whole foods diet throughout our busy day.  KeVita™ Sparkling Probiotic Refreshment helps us do just that in a delicious way with a proprietary four-strain probiotic live culture that is clinically proven to support digestive health, maintain the immune system and deliver more active cultures that yogurt. Choose from one of KeVita’s 8 sparkling flavors. Four flavors are water or tea based and certified organic and four coconut water flavors are made with organic ingredients. KeVita is a vegan drink. It is dairy, gluten and soy free, handcrafted and cold-processed with integrity at KeVita’s organic plant in Ventura, CA. Quite simply, KeVita tastes like “healthy” should. Look for… Read More

Bristol's Own Texas Chocolate Cake

posted on October 10th, 2011 by Christophe Moreau

Calling all cowboys and cowgirls...Yee Haw! We’re offering Texas Chocolate Cake for an unbelievable price of $4.99 per pound, now through the end of the month! Now, if you’ve never had this ultra-moist, chocolaty goodness before; you are in for a real down-home treat!  Made fresh in our kitchens, we use only the finest Dutch Chocolate, fresh buttermilk, pure Vanilla. Our Texas Chocolate Cake has a wonderful chocolate flavor, but it’s not too sweet…and we make it even better when we top it with our Chocolate Pecan Icing!  Rich, chocolate and loaded with pecans…can you say yum? If you’re looking for that special chocolaty treat, then come in and get some while it’s on sale!  This is the perfect dessert to take to a friend’s house, or keep it for yourself and splurge on something decadent…enjoy! Read More

Fall has arrived with Pumpkin on a Stick

posted on October 7th, 2011 by Kristin Lares

I love fall! And nothing screams fall like our pumpkins on a stick. Just what exactly is this unique plant? Pumpkin on a stick also known as Pumpkin tree or Pumpkin bush and is classified as Solanum Integrifolium. The Plant grows 3 to 5 feet in height and produces small ribbed fruit similar to pumpkins. The 2-inch fruit changes to a deep orange color as it ripens. Use the fruit in floral arrangements or as an ingredient in Asian dishes. Pumpkin on a stick is available this week in all of our Bristol Farms stores. Take some home this week and place them in a vase. You will immediately set the tone in your home that fall has arrived Read More

Hurst Family Harvest

posted on October 4th, 2011 by Mike McMahon

Bristol Farms is proud to introduce a full line of Hurst Family Harvest Bean, Pea, and Lentil soups. Since 1938, the N.K. Hurst Co. has provided its customers with the best tasting, highest quality dried bean products available on the market. To this day, Hurst Family Harvest is proudly owned and operated by the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th generation of the Hurst family. The Hurst Family Harvest line of products represents the "Quality First" motto that is still top priority when sourcing its beans from the finest growers across the USA. Every package of HFH includes specially selected, #1 grade dry beans and the Hurst family’s own delicious, all-natural seasoning and spice blends. Each recipe has been carefully selected to provide you with both a delicious and nutritious meal. Beans, peas, and lentils have been a staple in global diets for 1000's of years. They may be small in size, but they pack a mighty punch, nutritionally speaking, and are a perfect food for active… Read More

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