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Jack Daniels Single Barrel Custom Engraving

posted on November 29th, 2011 by Geoff Nicoll

Jack Daniels EngravingWith the shopping season off to a bang, the first attempt to get it all done is but a blur. The best made plans don’t always work out as well as one would hope, but it wasn’t for poor intent or lack of effort. The kids are forthcoming with a wish list about an arm’s length, but quite often that the most difficult gift is for the discriminatory spouse, sibling, and of course the boss.

What do you get those that have everything? Sharper Image? Not anymore. Brookstone? Been there done that. Hickory Farms, Chia Pet, or a new tie might get you fired or divorced, or both…

How about a bottle of personally engraved good ol’ Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Tennessee Whiskey? Just about everybody likes Jack Daniel’s, so if they are a fan of the JD Old No. 7, then they will truly relish the Single Barrel Select. The history of Jack Daniel’s is long and storied as it is the oldest registered distillery in the United States.

Tennessee Whiskey is a bit different than Bourbon or other American Whiskies due to its charcoal mellowing. Each drop of “Jack” that makes it to the bottle trickles through 10 feet of sugar maple charcoal. It takes a while, and a lot is lost in the process, but what is left is softer, more complex and rounded in flavors. The resulting spirit is then married with pure, virtually iron free cave spring water which runs through the property.  The distillery was built around this source to harness the purity of this legendary spring.

The final step is the aging of this precious spirit. Less than 1 in 100 barrels is suitable for use in the Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Select, and even those are under severe scrutiny. The barrels are closely monitored, and those specifically chosen are hoisted high in the barrel house in order to benefit from the extreme variances in climate. It is the hottest spot in the Summer and the coldest in Winter. The severe heat forces the whiskey into the staves of the barrel, and the near freezing temperatures cause the barrel to contract extracting more of the flavors from the charred new white oak.

Barrel by barrel they are bottled and readied for market for the discriminating palate. As they are single barrels, no two are exactly the same. For that reason, each bottle purchased, unless from the same case at the same time, will be unique. Each neck band identifies its rick (warehouse location), barrel number and bottling date.

For the Holiday Season, selected Bristol Farms stores will offer a special opportunity for those that would like to have a bottle of Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel customized with a personal message. This service will also be extended to the Gentleman Jack and the Woodford Reserve Whiskeys as they will also adapt to the engraving device.

Your personal message may be up to 100 characters. There are sign-up sheets at the designated stores so that it is not necessary for you to be there for the actual engraving, however we encourage you to come and participate in the experience. The following stores will have an engraving team to customize your message for your thoughtful and generous gift. Heck, personalize one for yourself and start your collection.

Friday, December 2 – South Pasadena 11am – 2pm

Saturday, December 3 – Newport Beach 5-8pm

Thursday, December 8 – Palm Desert 4-7pm

Friday, December 9 – La Jolla 3-6pm

Friday, December 16 – Beverly Hills 11am – 2pm

Saturday, December 17 – Manhattan Beach 4-7pm

One comment on “Jack Daniels Single Barrel Custom Engraving

  1. Jaime Leauber says:

    Is there any possibility I could buy a Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Tennessee Whiskey bottle have it engraved and sent to me? If so, how do I go about ordering one? I would love to give it as a christmas present.
    Thank you,
    Jaime Leauber

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