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New Year’s Black Eyed Peas

There are many traditions held each New Year;  two that are most familiar would be the joyful singing of “Auld Lang Syne” and the other, a healthy dose of  “Good Luck Black Eyed Peas”. Black eyed peas being enjoyed on the New Year is a southern tradition. Black Eyed Peas On New Year’s Day you […]

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Kissing Under the Mistletoe

Whether you believe the myths of this fun little sprig or not, you have to admit it is fun. Take some Mistletoe to this year’s holiday parties or hang some in your home just for fun. Visit our stores this week and grab your sprig of mistletoe.  Supplies are very limited this year, so hurry […]

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Bristol’s Own Gourmet Corn Fed Beef

The story of Bristol Farms’ Natural Beef can be traced all the way back to Holland, where purebred Friesian cattle have been selectively raised for centuries for their superior qualities of wholesomeness, tenderness and flavor. This same finely controlled cattle lineage is the basis for the modern dairy herds (Holstein). After calving, the females are […]

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Celebrating 100 years of Blue Stilton Cheese

Blue Stilton is by far the most recognized cheese from Britain.  Its history is traced back to the early 18th century and remains a very popular cheese around the world.  The original recipe is said to have changed slightly, however it is still made in a traditional manner. Stilton is a protected cheese meaning: It […]

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Holiday Port Wines…Of the Dessert Kind

Many may believe that Port is a wine to be strictly enjoyed during the cold winter months. Perhaps part of this belief is due to the fact that Port is fortified. When the grapes, usually Tinto Cao, Tinta Barroca, Touriga Francesa and Touriga Nacional reach a level of ripeness and high sugar content, they are […]

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Holiday Gift Baskets at Bristol Farms

When you mention the holidays of Fall and Winter, one of the many images that come to mind are the festively decorated gift baskets that accompany everything from office parties and employee gifts to Christmas trees and family get-togethers. Historically, baskets were woven using the most appropriate materials that could be sourced locally (coincidentally, something […]

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Peet’s Coffee Holiday Items

Ho, Ho, Ho…it’s beginning to feel a lot like the Holidays at Bristol Farms!  We are so excited to ring in the Holiday Season once again with the wonderful coffee and sweet collections from Peet’s Coffee & Tea! This year, we’re offering the 12oz Ground & Whole Bean Holiday Blend Coffee ~ Holiday Blend is […]

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