Northern Pacific Halibut

by Craig Tsuchiyama

northern pacific halibut filletThey’re coming!  We’ve been waiting all winter for the first signs to appear.  Giant sized wild caught halibut from the icy waters of the north pacific.  For 2012, our halibut are estimated to range from 60 to 100 lbs.    We believe these halibut provide the absolute best in flavor, moistness, and flakiness, not mention having the most cooking versatility.  Bake, broil, BBQ, pan fry, or deep fry.  You just can’t go wrong!

Are these coming from sustainable fisheries?  Yes indeed. Canada and the state of Alaska have set forth strict catch limits and policies.  Will these limits and policies affect the availability to the consumer?  At times, but these regulations will help to make sure we’ll have these prized fish for years to come.

Look for these large beautiful fillets at your local Bristol Farms around late March.

For up to date developments in the assessment, allocation, and management of halibut, please visit

International Pacific Halibut Commission and Northern Pacific Fishery Management Council.

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