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St. Patrick's Day Celebration

posted on March 14th, 2012 by Melinda Race

bristol farm st. patrick's day dinnerIt’s a celebration for being Irish and enjoying things Irish.

Despite all the variety in meaning this day has, they are all are driven by a unique theme: being Irish. It’s a celebration for being Irish and enjoying all things Irish. While it reminds us about St. Patrick, it also tells us to remember the Irish symbol – the shamrock.  Most importantly, it tells us to feast the Irish way, to laugh away all worries with Irish jokes, dance to the tunes of the Irish bands and to give our best shot pronouncing Irish words.  And with doing all these interesting things, St. Patrick’s Day lets us know how much fun celebrating this Irish way really is.

The early Irish immigrants brought their traditions into the United States. But it was not until 1737 that the immigrants really celebrated St. Patrick’s Day.  And it was in Boston where the Day was first celebrated in a public way. Gradually other states followed suit, with New York having the largest  St. Patrick’ s Day parade ever – held since 1762!   Meanwhile the city of Chicago has developed a unique tradition of coloring the river water green.  It started in 1962 when 100 pounds of green dye was added to the Chicago River – enough to keep it green for a week.  The tradition has continued to date…why would we want to stop now?

Personally, I have a line of Irish in my family as Frank McCormick was my great, great grandfather!  On another Irish note, I worked in an Irish Restaurant in Pasadena for many years and March 17th was the biggest day of the year.  We would have lines around the block to get into the place…people were happy as they drank green beer and ate corned beef.  I have many fond memories of this celebration.

So I say…let’s do this! Corned beef, cabbage, baby carrots, baby red potatoes, and mustard cream sauce.    YUMMMY…truly a great experience.   Feast the Irish way with Bristol Farms Catering – only $11.49 per meal.  This meal will make you dance the Irish way, talk the Irish way, and just be happy!

As we part may I say:  May your heart be light and happy!  May your smile be big and wide!  And may your pockets always have a coin or two inside!

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