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California Grown Roses with our Partner: California Pajarosa

posted on June 7th, 2012 by Kristin Lares

Introducing: new California grown roses at Bristol Farms!

We are constantly on the look out to support our local farms and I am so please to announce a partnership with California Pajarosa. We will carry their beautiful assortment of Sweetheart roses in an array of colors and other varieties such as Hybrid tea and spray roses. Bristol Farms is very proud to sell their roses in our beautiful stores. Stop buy and take home a bunch or two.

History of California Pajarosa

Roses were first planted on our property in 1979 by our founders John Furman and Alan Mitchell. All our greenhouses were self-built by our own employees using steel frames and a double-ply polyurethane covering. In 1992, California Pajarosa became the first rose growers in Northern California to institute hydroponic growing methods. While initially an ecological experiment to reduce water run-off, we quickly realized that we were able to grow higher quality roses while increasing plant density and therefore increasing production per square foot. These initial hydro plantings utilized rolling steel benches and rockwool growing media. These new growing methods enable us to have greater control over plant productivity, recycle wastewater, and also increase our ability to monitor PH and nutrient levels. Hydro-ponic growing has constantly evolved over the last ten years, as rolling benches have been changed to buckets, and the rockwool growing media gave way to clay particles and then to coconut fibers mixed with perlite. The advent of hydroponic growing has given us the ability to use bending methods on the plants to further control production and increase both quality and stem length.

The 55 acre facility, located in Watsonville, California, is nestled against the foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountains which offers a coastal microclimate ideal for producing quality roses on a year round basis. Computerized greenhouses, fertilization systems, and a post-harvest grading machine make it possible to control consistent production in our 760,000 square feet of greenhouses. All roses are closely monitored, as we cut and harvest each variety up to three times daily to achieve an optimal cut point. In order to maintain integrity with the special characteristics of each variety, we are forced to cut each at a different stage of development. This process ensures that California Pajarosa will provide you with exceptional quality on a consistent basis.

American Grown for a Smaller Carbon Footprint

We grow our roses in Watsonville, California about 70 miles south of San Francisco. The amount of CO2 produced by shipping our roses to anywhere in the United States is dramatically lower than for roses coming from Columbia, Ecuador or Kenya. Buying from American growers not only keeps your money in America, it helps reduce consumption of oil and production of greenhouse gasses.

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