Local, Raw Honey from Honey Pacifica

by Mike McMahon

Honey PacificaWe are proud to introduce the raw, untreated cold packed honeys from Honey Pacifica. Select from a variety of naturally flavored honeys produced from bees pollinating a variety of plant blossoms; no added flavors or extracts. We are certain the honeys provided by Honey Pacifica are the best local honeys you can find. Find our assortment of flavors, like:

  • Sage
  • Wild Flower
  • Orange Blossom
  • Eucalyptus
  • Creamy Mango
  • Creamy Lemon
  • Honey Comb

With allergy season well under way, this may be your solution to provide some allergy relief…….Enjoy the natural remedies of local honey; nature’s energy booster, immunity system builder, and a natural remedy for many ailments.

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