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Cuyama Farms Locally Grown Fuji Apples

posted on September 26th, 2012 by John Savidan

Howard and Jean Albano have been farming in Cuyama Valley for over 30 years. Cuyama Orchards is located about 25 miles northeast of Santa Barbara in the warmer coastal range surrounded by the Los Padres National Forest. The Albano family made the decision to convert their orchard from conventional to organic in part because of their proximity to Los Padres, but also to produce crops without the use of pesticides.  Now they take pride in growing a wide variety of apples on 260 certified organic acres. Winter and summer temperatures in Cuyama Valley provide the right seasonal combination for growing and producing apples that are crisp and bursting with flavor. Farming as a family is the best part of their operation at Cuyama Orchards. We are truly glad to have them as our local partner. Enjoy Locally Grown Organic Fuji Apples at $1.99 lb this week at Bristol Farms. Prices effective September 26 - October 2, 2012   Read More

Support Breast Cancer Research with Pink Pumpkins

posted on September 26th, 2012 by Keith Tsuchiyama

Pink Pumpkins, also referred to as “Porcelain Doll Pink Pumpkins”, are edible and yet very ornamental too.  This is the first year of commercial production and a portion of the proceeds are being donated to Breast Cancer Research.  Pink Pumpkins are not only a unique variety of pumpkin for the fall season, but they make a great “Jack-o’lantern” for Halloween and can be eaten like a common squash. The Mission of these Pink Pumpkins:  The Pink Pumpkin Patch Foundation (PPPF) was created in 2012 to aid in the fight against breast cancer. Melissa’s Produce and America’s pumpkin growers have committed to giving a percentage of proceeds from every pink pumpkin sold this year to organizations involved in breast cancer research.  The foundation will oversee the donations, and ensure that the funds go directly to reputable organizations with the highest percentage of dollars spent on actual research. We aim to be transparent, with a board that volunteers their time, no paid… Read More

Angel Red Pomegranates

posted on September 19th, 2012 by John Savidan

A new exclusive variety of pomegranates are available at Bristol Farms; Angel Reds. Now, you're probably thinking what could possibly be so different and better about this variety over the everyday ordinary pomegranate? Angel Reds have a smaller, softer seed and more uniform color and size making them very palatable and pleasing to eat. Angel Red arils are plump and the seed left-over is the smallest of any pomegranate grown. These are a must try! The name Angel Red was derived from the original "Ryan's Angel Red". Ryan, the son of founder Greg Smith, was involved in the development of this variety but was tragically lost at the age of 23. Angel Red lives on in his memory Read More

Clear Springs Foods

posted on September 14th, 2012 by Craig Tsuchiyama

What is Idaho, U.S.A. best known for?  Would it be their potatoes and the fact that Idaho produces the most potatoes of any other state?  Or is it the Snake River which was made famous by Evel Kneival with his failed jump across the Snake River in Twin Falls, Idaho. We like to think it’s the rainbow trout. Today, Rainbow Trout are grown in large-scale, continuously controlled production facilities. While three species are farmed commercially—Rainbow, Brook, and Brown—by far, the most popular is the Rainbow Trout, native to the West. More than 70% of all Rainbow Trout raised in the U.S. is grown in a 30-mile stretch along the Snake River in the Magic Valley. Clear Springs, the world's largest producer, is responsible for about 60% of this total. Rainbow Trout is raised in the Magic Valley primarily because of the availability of pure spring water. Pure, clean, oxygenated water is essential for raising the finest Rainbow Trout. The Magic Valley is home to thousands of natural… Read More

Get it while it lasts! Dutch Boernkaas Cheese is in stores now!

posted on September 12th, 2012 by Michelle Salatino

Boernkaas Farmhouse Gouda is a real treat for everyone who loves cheese.  This lovely cheese is made from whole, unpasteurized milk from cows feeding outside in the meadows. If you didn’t know already, cows that feed in lush green meadows produce some of the richest and most flavorful milk available.  These flavors are reflected in the cheese, and the ending result is spectacular- slightly grassy, golden in color, and rich with flavor. Because this is an unpasteurized product, the cheese has to be aged a minimum of 60 days before it is imported into the U.S. This cheese is not available year round, so hurry on up and get yourself a piece before it is gone! This cheese will be on demo 9/12-9/18 from 10am - 5pm Read More

A Fall Favorite from Peet’s Coffee & Tea

posted on September 10th, 2012 by Christophe Moreau

During the time of year when the days get shorter, the leaves turn and the temperatures cool down at night, many of our Peet’s customers are looking for a change in our beverage offerings that reflect the mood of the autumn season. This September, we, along with Peet’s, are proud to offer a fresh take on a fall classic; Pumpkin Frio (or Freddo), Pumpkin Lattes, and the New Pumpkin Chai Latte.   Since we still can’t seem to escape the heat here in Southern California, I find myself drawn to anything cold, add my fall favorite, pumpkin, and I’m in heaven.  Just this weekend my husband I and sat outside on the patio at our Newport Beach store and both enjoyed a Pumpkin Frio drink.  So creamy and delicious with just the right combination of spices and hints of vanilla; it was just perfect. While I have your attention!!!  Did you know that Peet’s was named in the National Geographic’s “10 Best of Everything: An Ultimate Guide for Travelers” book.  Peet’s ranked… Read More

Oktoberfest at Bristol Farms

posted on September 7th, 2012 by Geoff Nicoll

Oktoberfest is a Bavarian tradition held in Munich, Germany from late September through the first weekend of October. It is the largest celebration in the world, in that approximately 6 million people are in attendance, consuming more than 7 million liters of beer. It lasts 16 days (with a few exceptions mandated by calendar) and has been held and enjoyed by its citizens since 1810. Due to the popularity, and who doesn't look for an excuse to throw a party, Oktoberfest celebrations have sprung up across Germany, the US and other climes where there is a concentration of German Emigrants. Traditional fare is served; sausages, pretzels, chicken, potato dumplings, sauerkraut etc., along with a traditional Oktoberfest beer from one of the handful of authorized breweries that produce their beers in the Reinheitsgebot tradition (German Purity Law) and in the city limits of Munich. These beers are full bodied and contain a minimum of about 6% alcohol. By last count, it was limited to 6… Read More

Support a Good Cause with Banrock Station Merlot

posted on September 6th, 2012 by Geoff Nicoll

For more than a decade, the fine folks at Banrock Station have invested in environmental causes throughout the globe. With projects in more than 60 countries, their efforts are felt far and wide. From Salmon restoration projects in Canada, to Duck habitat revitalization in New Zealand, Bird sanctuary preservation in Denmark and wetland preservation in Sweden. They also have a hand in local projects including trail rebuilding, Creek to Coast stream revitalization, wetland restoration and so on. Needless to say, the planet is a better place because of them. We salute this type of activism, as it does nothing but better our precious planet, and to help support our supporters, we are offering a delicious way to help them fund their passion. With every bottle of Banrock Station sold, a portion goes to offset the costs involved in their restoration efforts, while you can enjoy a tasty bottle of wine and toast their good work. Banrock Station Merlot is a fruit forward, balanced, easy… Read More

Are you ready for some football?

posted on September 5th, 2012 by Melinda Race

September 1st was the first game of the USC Football season and Bristol Farms was there! The Los Angeles Coliseum is the largest football stadium--college or NFL--on the West Coast. Situated right across the street from the University of Southern California's campus, it is located in one of the most densely populated urban areas in the United States. USC rarely loses at home, boasting one of college football's best home records, and one of football's most enthusiastic fan bases. Can you believe this venue holds 93 thousand people and is always full? Would you like to pick up your football party foods from us and make it easy and delicious?  Give our catering department a call and let us be part of your day!  USC before games is one of college football's best atmospheres. The outside coliseum is a giant tailgate, with people everywhere. Every single inch of space is taken, either by student groups, alumni, or corporate sponsors. USC football is the home of the world-famous USC… Read More

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