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Fair Trade Roses

Bristol Farms is proud to be part of a Fair Trade Rose program that supports our supplier’s floral workers and families. Our very own rose provider, Flowerlink, brings us this opportunity to be part of the fair trade program. Florecal, the farm that produces flowers for Bristol Farms and Flowerlink, has always gone the extra […]

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‘Sumo’ Mandarins

In the 1970’s a citrus grower from the Kumamoto Prefecture in Japan set out to develop a fruit which would combine the best of the easy-to-peel Japanese Satsuma with the big, juicy, sweet oranges from California. Although he saw promise in an obscure tangerine-orange hybrid, this new fruit was challenging to grow. Thankfully, our grower […]

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DeLonghi EO1260 Stainless-Steel Toaster Oven with Broiler

Do you want to bake or broil something without have to turn on the oven and wasting a lot of energy? The DeLonghi Toaster Oven EO1260 has a large 12.5 LITER, 0.5 CU. FT. cavity that can fit a 12″ pizza! Not only is the interior large enough to cook one 12″ pizza, but you […]

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Heart Healthy Breakfast in our Cafes

It’s that time of year again……after the holidays we really want to get back to eating healthier, eating lighter and just feeling better about our choices. Bristol Farms’ Cafes offer a wonderful, healthy breakfast option that is delicious: 3 egg whites, 2 turkey sausage patties, sliced honeydew and cantaloupe, a slice of rye toast and […]

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Hijiki Ginger Salads

Hijiki, or Hiziki, is a seaweed black or brown in color that grows wild along the rocky coastlines around Japan, Korea, and China. Hijiki has been used in traditional foods and part of a balanced diet in Japan for centuries. Hijiki is known to be rich in dietary fiber and essential minerals such as calcium, […]

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Frost Kissed® Artichokes

Rare Frost Kissed® Artichokes Picked with Intense, Nutty Flavor. California winter frosts can yield “Frost Kissed” artichokes that are available in our Bristol Farms stores for a limited time. Frost causes the outer layer of the artichoke to turn brown, flake and peel, much like we do after getting sunburned. Artichokes are “Frost Kissed” when […]

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Meet the Maker – Crave Brothers Cheese

George Crave from the Crave Brothers Farmstead Classics cheese is making a special appearance in our Newport Beach location for a live demonstration and educational session on a variety of cheeses: Les Frères and Farmer’s Rope Cheese. Les Frères – (pronounced lay frair) This European style cheese was developed with care to reflect the Crave […]

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