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‘Sumo’ Mandarins

posted on January 28th, 2013 by John Savidan

sumo mandarinsIn the 1970’s a citrus grower from the Kumamoto Prefecture in Japan set out to develop a fruit which would combine the best of the easy-to-peel Japanese Satsuma with the big, juicy, sweet oranges from California. Although he saw promise in an obscure tangerine-orange hybrid, this new fruit was challenging to grow. Thankfully, our grower persevered. Over time, he developed a series of methods for growing, pruning and thinning his trees, which is different from all other citrus.

It is the biggest mandarin you’ve ever seen. It has a distinctive shape with a prominent “top-knot.” The peel is bright orange, bumpy and loose so it peels effortlessly. The delicate sections separate easily. It’s seedless, juicy without being messy, and it is quite probably the sweetest citrus you’ll ever eat.

Sumo Mandarins won’t be around for long, so please visit us and get them while you can! We are expecting a fresh shipment the second week of February. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!


sumo citrus mandarins

2 comments on “‘Sumo’ Mandarins

  1. Karen says:

    When will these ship for 2013?

    1. bristolfarms says:

      Hi Karen,
      Thank you for commenting on our blog. The Sumo Mandarins will be in our stores the second week of February! Looking forward to this season!

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