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Cacee Moisturizing Body Scrubs & Lotions

Bristol Farms is proud to introduce a wonderful line of home spa care moisturizing creams and sugar scrubs from Cacee. Cacee is a local Southern California based cosmetic manufacturing company with products that have been sold exclusively in salons and spas around the world, until now! Bristol Farms is the only retailer to offer this […]

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Peet’s® Coffee Monte Alegre

Bristol Farms is proud to introduce a new Peet’s medium roast, single estate coffee From Brazil’s Monte Alegre Estate – a long time Peet’s partner. Generations of the Viera family in the Sul de Minas region of Brazil have cultivated a remarkably pure and smooth coffee, flecked with nutty and vanilla notes. In partnership with […]

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Awards Show Catering

We can’t walk the red carpet, we don’t have a backstage pass, we can’t call Seth and ask for a favor, but we can still enjoy the excitement of the Oscars! If you’re a movie buff like me, then chances are, the Academy Awards are right up there with the excitement of Superbowl. I look […]

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Valentine’s Meal for Two!

Would you like to serve the most unique Valentine meal in town?   Show your love, your best friend, your mother, or whomever you are spending this day with,  that you have something different than the usual plan!  My parents have shared this in the past years and so have my daughters; Bristol Farms Valentine Meal […]

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Valentine’s Collection by Moonstruck® Chocolate Co.

If you ask anyone to think of an essential gift for the Valentine’s Day holiday, a box of chocolates is probably one of the top answers you’ll find. There are a lot of chocolates out there…almost too many to choose from, especially during the big push for Valentine’s Day. Avoid standing confused in front of […]

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The Wine Tastings are Coming, The Wine Tastings are Coming!

Beginning on Thursday, *February 14th, we inaugurate this year’s new wine tasting program. Yes, that would be Valentine’s Day and most appropriate when you think about it. Check the store location closest to you or visit our wine tasting’s page, by clicking here, to obtain information on what the theme will be for this month’s […]

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Discover Ambrosia™ Apples & a Special Giveaway!

The Ambrosia™ is no ordinary apple. Aptly named after the mythical “food of the gods,” this stunning apple, born from a chance seedling, is a delight for all the senses.  When you first set eyes on the Ambrosia™ apple, you will be drawn to its glossy, bi-colored good looks. It has an attractive conical shape […]

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