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Halo Top Creamery: Delicious, Low-Calorie, Protein-Packed Ice Cream

If you’re anything like me, you have trouble eating a bite or two of ice cream and putting it back in the freezer like the experts say. Where’s the fun in that?   Well, check out what just hit our shelves – Halo Top Creamery! Halo Top is delicious ice cream that happens to be […]

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Summer Pies from our Bakery

We are entering into one of my most favorite times of the year.  Warm weather brings out all the delicious Spring & Summer foods that seem to go into hibernation during the winter months.  It’s this time of year that we change our focus from comfort foods, fresh homemade soups, or maybe a creamy mac […]

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Baby Kale Sprouts

Kale sprouts are a hybrid cross of Russian red kale and brussel sprouts ranging in size from 3-4 inches. Kale sprouts look more like a very tiny head of kale with colors ranging from a silvery green to blue gray with pronounced crimson veins. Kale sprouts are harvested when the level of leaves of the […]

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Celebrate the Earth, Year-Round

It’s Earth Day, celebrated around the world mostly to bring awareness to all the earth-friendly practices we should be supporting year-round. So, we thought this would be a great opportunity to highlight some of the practices  and programs Bristol Farms lives out behind the scenes, as well as in our stores, to support a greener, […]

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For most Americans the grilling season unofficially begins Memorial Day Weekend.  However, for those of us blessed to be living in the great State of California, we know that our grilling season really is from January 1 to December 31.  Well, truth be told perhaps there are some days out of the 365 that aren’t […]

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Not Just Another Rosé

  Spring has sprung; the days are growing longer, warmer, and more energizing.  Coinciding with the new growth comes a color pallet as vivid as the imagination can conjure. This is a wonderful time of year! And Spring signals the beginning (as if it ever ended) of Rosé season. They have been a staple for […]

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Peet’s 47th Anniversary Blend

Peet’s 2013 blend is perfectly matched and blended to be “Rich, Vibrant & Aromatic.” This is one of the finest coffees Peet’s has sampled this year and the highlight of their Anniversary, hails from Ethiopia, a flowery and citrusy-sweet jewel from coffee’s birthplace. They’ve complemented this elegant and aromatic crop with clean, delicately fruited coffees […]

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Ford Farm Coastal Mature Cheddar

Ford Farm is located in the UK on the Ashley Estate located between Dorset Downs and the Jurassic Coast – an international heritage site. Coastal is their best-selling cheddar, both in the UK and in the States.  The milk comes from cows that graze on lush pastures on the estate and surrounding dairies. These dairies […]

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Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Grassroots Sink Tour

Who said that homemaking-cleaning, organizing and daily tending-had to be tedious and unimaginative?  Time spent at home is enjoyable, so why shouldn’t caring for it be too?  The real Mrs. Meyer’s is an Iowa mother of nine-our founder included-who knows her way around a broom closet.  It all started when one of her daughters was […]

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RICEBLISS is a revolutionary brown rice “superfood” which was introduced at the Natural Product Expo West 2012 for the first time. It is a delicious, ready-to-eat, creamy brown rice porridge you can enjoy straight from your refrigerator. It is made with pureed organic brown rice using centuries-old porridge recipes. Porridge has remained a staple around […]

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