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JC's Pie Pops

posted on May 31st, 2013 by Aaron Jones

At Bristol Farms, we love our desserts! Especially when they come on a stick. We recently discovered a new delicious frozen treat on the market called JC's Pie Pops. The story behind these creamy treats is an interesting one. What was once a fumble became a delicious result and we can all thank one faulty refrigerator. Read on to find out more. Creamy, Crunchy, Incredible. A tasty new twist on an American Classic. A labor of love and a little luck. JC's Pie Pops began a couple of years ago in Jennifer Constantine's home kitchen when a batch of her popular homemade panna cotta unexpectedly froze after her fridge went on the fritz. The "Oh No" turned into "Oh Yeah!" and what we now know as JC's Pie Pops were born. JC decided that her original Pie Pops needed to be shared with the rest of the world and started experimenting with flavors and textures. After about a year of painstaking (and delicious!) research and development, she partnered with some food industry peeps to bring JC’s… Read More

Applegate Organic Beef Hot Dogs

posted on May 28th, 2013 by Roger Arechiga

Made from 100% organic grass fed beef, these meaty hot dogs are bursting with old-fashioned classic hot dog flavor - juicy, flavorful and delicious! Not convinced yet? How about this: These hot dogs have only 8 grams of fat compared to the average 15 grams in most brands, and because they’re made from grass fed beef, they’re also high in omega-3 fatty acids (the good fat). Great on the grill, steamed on your stovetop or anytime you’re craving a taste of summer. For more than 25 years, Applegate has been producing high-quality natural and organic hot dogs, bacon, sausages, deli meats, cheese and frozen products.  Natural can mean many things, but when Applegate says their products are natural, consumers are guaranteed that the meat inside is: Raised without antibiotics or hormones From animals fed a vegetarian or 100% grass diet and treated with humane animal standards Free of added chemical nitrites, nitrates or phosphates Free of artificial ingredients or… Read More

Miraval Rosé

posted on May 28th, 2013 by Michael Cristillo

In very general terms, celebrities who place their names on wine and/or spirit bottles tend to do so with a nod to their egos, not toward the quality in the bottle. A new French Rosé called Miraval strikes a different pose on several levels - Miraval is tucked away in its own private valley in the ancient village of Correns and covers 500 hectares of land in the heart of Provence. 75 acres is dedicated to the cultivation of Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. The estate is 100% organic, meaning no use of herbicides, pesticides, or chemicals that can enter the vine and affect the evolution of the fruit. It also happens to be the summer estate of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, who had an obvious desire to produce a wine that would show the terroir of their land. The proud wine proprietors, “Pitt~Jolie”, were referred to Marc Perrin, a French winegrower who was introduced to the couple by mutual friends. For most wine geeks, including myself, the name Perrin represents the upper… Read More

Healthy Soup Begins with Wild Veggie!

posted on May 25th, 2013 by Martin Deveau

Wild Veggie picks the freshest veggies at the peak of ripeness, then they wash, micro-cut fast cook at a low temperature, and flash freeze to preserve the freshest taste and retain the most nutrients. Then the soups are ready to be reheated and enjoyed. You can also get creative by adding your own ingredients! Healthy soup begins with Wild Veggie!   Wild Veggie is Soup and So Much More! Now that you have chosen to start your meal with the most flavorful, vibrant and closest-to-the-garden soups on the market, here comes the exciting and FUN part!  Wild Veggie is so versatile and so naturally perfect that you can either enjoy it as a simple soup, or you can add ANYTHING you want to the soup base for a unique recipe that is all yours.  You can also use Wild Veggie soups as substitutes for purees in recipes.  Imagine adding a touch of curry to the Butternut Squash Soup, or ginger in your fresh Carrot Soup.  With countless possibilities, there’s a combination that’s sure to… Read More

California Avocados for Memorial Day

posted on May 25th, 2013 by Martin Deveau

California Avocado season (March through October) is here with plentiful supply for upcoming summer holidays and get-togethers. Memorial Day is this weekend and with California Avocados on the menu there is reason to celebrate.   California is the U.S. “Avocado Capital,” with 90 percent of the nation's avocado crop grown in the state by nearly 5,000 farmers who plant, tend and harvest their trees by hand. This year’s crop is estimated to be 515 million pounds, which means plenty of California fruit for all of the traditional summer holidays – Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day.   California Avocados have a delicious flavor and creamy texture and are a cool complement to grilled foods. Try this California Avocado Red, White & Blueberry Salsa, with grilled meat or fish. Slice, dice or mash avocado for a satisfying burger or hot dog topping, or simply grill an avocado half.     California-grown avocados are acknowledged for their exceptional… Read More

What's in Your BBQ Tool Belt?

posted on May 23rd, 2013 by Kim Kaczor-Wardlow

As any skilled craftsman or tradesman knows the key to getting a job done right is to have the right tools.  Our bbq experts here at Bristol Farms feel exactly the same way when it comes to their favorite pastime – grilling! We offer an abundant selection of bbq accessories from tools to serving dishes to towels and aprons to heck pretty much anything and everything needed to ensure a successful cook-out.  And of yes our famous Butcher Department has the perfect meats to guarantee the perfect grilling experience. Right now and going through May 28th, check out this incredible deal in Bristol Kitchens: RSVP's 18" BBQ Tongs, normally priced in the $11-$12 range, this terrific pair of tongs is on sale for only $6.99! Now mind you, this is no ordinary set of tongs.  This is a very sturdy 18” tool with a beautiful Rosewood Handle and the convenience of a locking feature. Also, when visiting your favorite Bristol Farms, check out our new incredible tool line from “Man-Law.” … Read More

Get the Skinny on Texas 1015 Sweet Onions

posted on May 22nd, 2013 by Keith Tsuchiyama

Whether it's white, yellow brown, red, or sweet, one thing's for sure, onions add great flavor to many recipes! They are perfect for any grilling occasion: throw them on the barbie until they are tender and caramelized then atop your favorite grilled burgers, hot dogs or brats, steak, or in a salsa recipe or baked beans. One of our personal favorites are the Texas 1015 Rio Sweet Onions. Here's a few pointers on some uses for the Texas Sweet onion and even some history including where it got its name.   What is a Texas 1015 or Super Sweet? Developed in the early 1980's by Dr. Leonard Pike, a horticulture professor at Texas A&M University, Texas 1015 Onions are actually named for their optimum planting date, October 15. Grown only in the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas, this large, prized onion was developed after ten long years of extensive research, endless testing and a million dollars in cost. As a result, Texas achieved a mild, exceptionally sweet onion that lives up to… Read More

Grilling Cheese with the Barbeclette!

posted on May 21st, 2013 by Michelle Salatino

Cheese on the BBQ? Nothing says summer like a delicious barbeque with family and friends.  Whether at home in your backyard, on the balcony, or at the beach, barbequing has become an American pastime.  Our barbeques have become mini vacations, a time to relax, eat wonderful foods, and catch up with loved ones. This year, try something different; Grill cheese!  This is now possible with our Barbeclette from Boska, Holland.  The Barbeclette is a unique and innovative design allowing us to melt cheese without it falling through the grill.  Similar to a large spatula, this creative contraption has a non-stick melting tray that allows for the cheese to melt without sticking. It also comes with a mini spatula to easily slide the cheese off. No more grilled burgers with luke-warm cheese! Melt it in the tray, and slide it right off on a tasty burger. Get creative! With the Barbeclette you can grill any type of cheese; Raclette, Brie, Goat Cheese or Gorgonzola.  You can even make your… Read More

Authentic Texas BBQ with Stubb’s

posted on May 20th, 2013 by Mike McMahon

With summer upon us, it’s time to fire up the grill and get cooking.  Whether you prefer to smoke your meat low and slow or directly over hot coals, Stubb’s Legendary Bar-B-Q adds authentic Texas flavor to whatever you are putting on the grill.  The bold flavors of their barbecue sauces, marinades and rubs compliment chicken, steak, pork, fish, and even veggies. Founded by West Texas legend, C.B. “Stubb” Stubblefield in Lubbock, TX in 1968 he prided himself on making the best barbecue around.  Today, his legacy lives on in his premium sauces, which are still made in small batches, using nothing but the finest all natural, gluten free ingredients.  And what started as a single Bar-B-Q sauce now includes six sauces, five marinades, two injectable marinades, five rubs, and more. We love all of Stubb’s products, but our personal favorite is the Hickory Bourbon Bar-B-Q Sauce and here’s a perfect BBQ Chicken Kabob recipe to go by.   Stubb’s BBQ Chicken Kabob recipe… Read More

Apple Walnut Blue Cheese Coleslaw

posted on May 19th, 2013 by Steve Howard

Are you tired of the same old boring coleslaw put out at the summer block party gatherings? Ok, maybe you're a lover of coleslaw and while the original gets a little old from time to time, Bristol Farms is proud to bring you a new, delicious twist on the original bbq side favorite. Next time you're in, try our new Apple Walnut Blue Cheese Coleslaw. We take the traditional coleslaw mix and add green apples and walnuts. The dressing is vinegar based and we infuse blue cheese into the dressing that gives this new salad a vibrant taste, and creamy consistency.   To celebrate our Thrill of the Grill and to pass the savings on to you, our new coleslaw is on sale in our deli departments through Tuesday, May 28th. This salad will make a great side dish to compliment items that are featured in our month long Thrill of the Grill promotion throughout our stores. Grill a hot dog, boil some sweet corn, and top your plate off with the Apple Walnut Blue Cheese Coleslaw. Come back and let us… Read More

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