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Clean Out Your Freezers – Hatch Chile 2013

posted on July 31st, 2013 by John Savidan

It's that time of year again! Join us for our 5th annual Hatch Chile roasting season with Melissa's Produce at Bristol Farms! Year-round, we celebrate many well deserving foods and drinks, but nothing comes close to our beloved Hatch Chile! There is no chile like it in this world; Hatch Chiles yield the best flavor of any chile variety, are grown in our neighboring Southwest, and are only available for a short period each year. So, keep your eyes out; the season officially starts August 7th at Bristol Farms! Authentic New Mexican Hatch Chiles are a favorite Southwestern chile. These chiles are named after the original growing area in Hatch, New Mexico. Chefs say that the intense sunlight and cool nights in this valley result in a uniquely flavored chile. The valley, which stretches along the Rio Grande’s southern-most bend before crossing into Texas and Mexico, is covered with row after row of green leafy Hatch chile plants for most of the summer. These chiles have a meaty flesh… Read More

Summer Peach Recipes

posted on July 29th, 2013 by John Savidan

Our Power of the Peach promotion is still going strong! This year's fruit is amazingly sweet and delicious. With varietals like the Summer Flame, Elegant Lady, and Zee Lady peaches, each is unique to their own appearance and flavors. We are currently celebrating the weeks of available Zee Lady Peaches. The Zee Lady variety of yellow peach is "the classic" fruit you remember from when you were a kid. Pick one off of Grandma's tree where the aromas and flavors of summer are forever embedded in your memory. Its flavor is perfectly peach and one of the best varieties grown by Summeripe. This is the perfect peach for cobbler, pie, or a tart. Or, perfectly enjoyed in a very simple dessert recipe like the Peach and Almond Crisp recipe provided by our partners, Summeripe. How have you been enjoying peaches this summer? Tell us! On their own, grilled, in a pie? Find more recipes at http://www.bristolfarms.com/promo/power-peach/power-peach-recipes.php   Peach and Almond Crisp 8… Read More

A Round of Delicious Demos!

posted on July 19th, 2013 by Martin Deveau

OCHO Candy Bars Who doesn’t love chocolate?  OCHO Candy Bars are an Organic alternative to your typical chocolate candy bar.  Plus, did I say they are delicious?  They use the finest, freshest ingredients to hand craft each bar.  They are available in 4 delicious flavors: Caramel, Peanut Butter, Coconut, and Mocha.  Come by and indulge your love for chocolate at Bristol Farms Rolling Hills this Friday, July 19 from 11:00 – 2:00.   www.ochocandy.com     Petey’s BING Cherry Juice One of my favorite times of the year is Spring and early Summer because this is when cherries are at their ripest.  Now, BING Cherry juice has come up with a lightly carbonated Bing Cherry Juice.  It is moderately caffeinated to provide that afternoon lift you need at the office or home.  It has only 40 calories, so no guilt there.  They also just released a new beverage which is a blend of cherry and blackberry juice.  Come and taste this refreshing beverage at the following… Read More

Bristol Farms New Sweet & Heat Salsas!

posted on July 18th, 2013 by Mike McMahon

Just a few weeks old and already one of Bristol Farms' favorite  salsas! The Sweet & Heat collection has taken Bristol Farms by storm. These incredible flavor fusions are new and very exciting. You can always rely on Bristol Farms to bring you great tasting food while only using  the highest quality ingredients. All 4 varieties with distinctive tastes and bursting with fresh fruit or green chili flavor. These salsas are great with tortilla chips or can be used as a condiment to enhance your favorite dish. Like, our peach salsa atop your favorite grilled white fish or our pineapple salsa atop a bowl of vanilla ice cream...the possibilities are endless.   You have 4 new flavors to choose from: Peach Mango Pineapple Hatch Valley (New Mexico style) Come check them out and let us know what you think Read More

Modern Pops – Newport Beach Local

posted on July 16th, 2013 by Aaron Jones

Here comes some Modern Pop! With less than 60 calories a pop, and absolutely no added sugar, this Laguna Beach frozen fruit bar  is making headlines and creating a new trend. Simple Ingredients. Founders and new parents, Julie and Brad Podolec came across the idea while searching everywhere for an ice pop that contained only fruit to help soothe their teething infant. While searching many markets, they could not find anything like this. Every ice pop contained "some" real fruit, added juice, vegetable stabilizers, gum's and words that they could hardly pronounce.  The mission was up to them. After long nights of experimentation and testing many different combinations, The Modern Pop was created. A new and inventive ice pop that is simple in ingredients and complex in flavor. Raspberry Ginger, Watermelon Cilantro, Strawberry Basil, Mango Minted and Blackberry. Nothing so simple, was ever this good! We are proud to introduce these simply delicious frozen treats in our Newport Beach… Read More

Power of the Peach Featured Peaches

posted on July 15th, 2013 by John Savidan

We're in the midst of our 4 week peach celebration! We hope you've had the opportunity to notice what's going on in our stores. Peaches are everywhere! Not just whole peaches to eat, but products throughout our departments, like peach salsa, peach sausage, peach jams & jellies, and even a peach sushi roll! The stars behind all these wonderful products aren't just ordinary peaches. We are featuring three delicious varietals from Summeripe and local growers to our So. California stores: Summer Flame, Elegant Lady, and Zee Lady. Check out some of their stats below:   Summer Flame Bristol Farms is now featuring the Summeripe Summer Flame peaches. They have a juicy, honey-flavored flesh. The unique flavor is a fantastic addition to crisp summer salads and desserts. Try them on the grill with a scoop of Ice Cream! Or in our recipe below of Grilled Peaches with Balsamic Reduction Sauce.   Elegant Lady Summeripe's Elegant Lady peach is a large, round, very firm piece of fruit… Read More

Weekend Demos that are Delicious!

posted on July 13th, 2013 by Martin Deveau

Somersaults' Snacks Being a diabetic it is hard to find a healthy snack that is good for you and low in carbs.  When I first tasted these little snacks from Somersaults', I fell in love with their variety of tastes.  They snacks made from sunflower seeds and whole grains and have less carbs than what you might normally snack on.  Somersaults' are available in Pacific Sea Salt, Dutch Cocoa, Santa Fe Salsa, Cinnamon Crunch and Salty Pepper.  Come and taste these healthy snacks and see why I love having them for snack time.   You can taste the different flavors of Somersaults' Snacks this Sunday, July 14 from 11:00 – 2:00 at the following stores: Rolling Hills, South Pasadena, Manhattan Beach, Westchester, Newport Beach, West Hollywood, La Jolla and Westwood.       CowWow Cereal Milk When I was young, the best part of breakfast and a bowlful of cereal was drinking the cereal flavored milk at the bottom of the cereal bowl.  CowWow Cereal Milk has provided… Read More

Columbia Gorge Fresh Squeezed Juice

posted on July 12th, 2013 by Martin Deveau

When I think of Fresh Organic Juice, I think of picking fruit right off the tree, juicing the fruit then putting it straight into the bottle.  It is straight from the tree to the bottle, none of that added extra stuff which can be found in other “natural” juice.  Columbia Gorge is this type of organic juice.  They are a family owned organic farm in the Mt. Hood area of Oregon.  They bottle all kinds of fresh juice from fruit picked from their trees on their farm.  And they haven’t been doing it for the past couple of years with the recent organic craze, they have been farming organic now for twenty years!  So come and taste the fresh organic juice from Columbia Gorge today at the following stores from 11:00 – 2:00, Rolling Hills, South Pasadena, Manhattan Beach, Westchester, Newport Beach, West Hollywood, La Jolla and Westwood Read More

We're LOVING: RJ's New Zealand Licorice!

posted on July 11th, 2013 by Mike McMahon

RJ’s New Zealand Licorice is one of Bristol Farms' best-tasting items and a customer favorite! Licorice with a New Zealand twist! Family-owned and operated, RJ’s makes soft-eating licorice like it should be…all natural, perfectly soft, and chewy with real licorice flavor from start to finish. RJ’s always uses the finest natural licorice root in their candies helping them become the leading manufacturer of licorice in New Zealand. The delicate texture unique to RJ’s licorice combined with a variety of exciting flavors, high-quality ingredients, and ecologically packaged products has kept them at the top of the licorice chain with treats perfect for any occasion. Stop into your local Bristol Farms and try some today. You'll become hooked! Don't say we didn't warn you Read More

Demos You Can Sink Your Teeth Into

posted on July 5th, 2013 by Martin Deveau

DEL REAL FOODS Del Real products are authentic, family recipes from Central Mexico.  They have a variety of products which bring authentic Mexican dishes to your holiday dinners this week.  Since they only take a few minutes to heat up, this will allow you more time to spend time with your family celebrating the Holiday.  You can try these delicious products at the following stores: Rolling Hills, South Pasadena, Manhattan Beach, Westchester, Newport Beach, West Hollywood, La Jolla, Westwood, and Palm Desert on July 2, 11:00 – 2:00 and July 3, 4:00 – 7:00pm. For more information, visit Del Real Foods' website at http://www.delrealfoods.com/     SNIKIDDY BAKED FRIES When I normally think of fries, I think of the kind that you can buy at your local fast food joint.  Now, Snikiddy has produced Baked Fries Snacks which are not only delicious but healthy as well!  They are baked so you can skip the typical greasy oily fries and chips.  They also have all the… Read More

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