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Meet the Wisconsin Master Cheesemaker!

posted on October 31st, 2013 by Michelle Salatino

Our Newport Beach, Santa Monica, and Manhattan Beach stores will be honored with a visit from Kerry Henning from Henning’s Wisconsin Cheese this weekend!  Kerry Henning has been named the “Wisconsin Master Cheesemaker” which is the highest form of honor for any cheesemaker. Kerry Henning continues the family tradition of cheesemaking that was started by his grandfather, Otto, back in 1914.  Henning’s Cheese is known for its Cheddar and Colby cheeses.  They are also the only maker of the “Mammoth Cheddars” in the US.  These wheels can range from 75 to a whopping 12,000 pounds! Kerry achieved the status of “Wisconsin Master Cheesemaker” in 1999 after completing the “Master Cheese” apprenticeship program.  Entry into the program requires being a licensed cheesemaker for at least 10 years. For 5 of the 10 years, he was required to manufacture the cheese he wanted to master in. Kerry attended a variety of courses in cheese artisanship, quality assurance, and… Read More

Holiday Treats Like No Other!

posted on October 31st, 2013 by Mike McMahon

If you're at all familiar with Bristol Farms, then you already know the best time of year in our stores is during the holidays. We simply, hands down, offer the best, unique holiday items like candies, baked goods, spirits, floral, and much more. Our stores are always beautifully and tastefully decorated for each holiday. It's always nice to visit, even if it's just to look around..but we certainly hope you leave with some treats to remember us by. Every year, I have the opportunity to bring in some of my personal picks and favorites for the season and my favorite holiday is Halloween...I am the "candy guy" after all. We are usually presented with a breath of new items to choose from and this year we were very excited to bring in some new items from the Long Grove Confectionery Co. to bring some cheer to the Halloween season. These treats are perfect for both kids and adults!   Long Grove Chocolates Goblin' Goodies are savory, salty pretzel balls covered in white and milk… Read More

Spooky Sippers!

posted on October 29th, 2013 by Geoff Nicoll

All Hallows Eve is here again, and this popular, creative Holiday on the calendar really gets the juices flowing. While there is evidence of costumed house to house visits happenings as early as the 16th Century, Halloween is said to have begun in the 18th Century as a celebration of Harvest, a transition to the “Darker Months”, and, for some, a welcoming of souls. Those in the northern UK, where this ritual supposedly originated, carved turnips and beets, lit candles, and even bonfires to show the souls the way home. After prayers, the merriment began. Shortly after it landed on our home soil, Halloween was embraced by the most youthful among us, and children celebrated by again dressing up and going house to house, but in search of sweets rather than food. But in recent years, it seems the big kid in us has taken this event to all new levels. More attention, energy and of course funding is given to this annual event than ever before. It seems we take it to new heights, or… Read More

Spooky Halloween Catering

posted on October 24th, 2013 by Melinda Race

Growing up, my sister and I were filled with excitement to pull the great, big "Halloween Box" down, filled with decorations and costume to add a little bit of spirit into the holiday. She and I always dressed in the same costume  every single year for Halloween; we would dress as the people of Romani with our beautiful skirts, white blouses, lots of great necklaces, bracelets, and rings!  The really exciting piece was when we were putting on makeup, as I always felt so grown up.   While raising my kids, they chose to dress as something different every year. We've dressed as the Joker, a skunk, leopard, princess, ladybug, hobo, and bride, just to name a few.   We have always enjoyed Halloween at my house.   Time changes, foliage changes, the air is so cool and there is just something so magical about it.   Who doesn't love a Halloween party? It's the greatest opportunity to get together with family and friends to enjoy silly costumes, games, good food and drink. Bristol… Read More

All Hallow's Eve at Bristol Farms

posted on October 22nd, 2013 by Kim Kaczor-Wardlow

All Hallow’s Eve (or what we commonly call Halloween) has been celebrated for hundreds of years all over the globe.  While many scholars profess that Halloween has its roots steeped in Western Christianity there are those that believe otherwise.  What is commonly agreed upon is the All Hallow’s Eve is the celebration or remembrance of the dead.  Particularly saints (hallows) and martyrs.  What also might not be well known is that Halloween is celebrated in: Ireland, Scotland, South America, Australia, New Zealand, many Asian countries, and of course the United States of America.   There are many activities commonly associated with All Hallow’s Eve (which by the way is celebrated by all on October 31.)  Common activities are costume parties, the carving of pumpkins and turning them into jack-o’-lanterns, and of course the favorite of most young kids, guising.  Wait a second you don’t know what guising is?  Actually you do.  The given name for trick or treating… Read More

Demos to Sink Your Teeth Into

posted on October 18th, 2013 by Martin Deveau

Here's this weekend's exciting line-up of demos to attend, food to nibble on, and enjoy!   BLUE LOTUS CHAI Bristol Farms carries Blue Lotus Chai - Masala Chai.  This is a traditional Masala Chai with several spices added to produce a rich tasting flavor.  It is produced in India with the following organic spices: Ginger Root, Ground Cardamom, Powdered Cinnamon, Ground Black Pepper, Ground Nutmeg, and Ground Cloves.  This has become my new favorite hot drink in the morning, and it's perfect for fall!  Visit the following Bristol Farms stores on October 18 from 11-2pm for a taste: Manhattan Beach, Westchester, West Hollywood, and Westwood.   TONTON JAPANESE SALAD DRESSINGS Tonton in Japanese means “Knock-Knock”.  Once you taste the flavor of these Japanese Salad Dressings you will understand why they are called Tonton; they will literally knock on the door of your taste buds to introduce a dressing that will enhance the flavors of your salads.  They come in 4… Read More

Fall Roasting Season is Here!

posted on October 17th, 2013 by Rick Stidham

As much as we love the summer sun shining down on us and giving us virtually 12 months of BBQ weather, it is also nice to begin the fall season, where cooler weather gives us the opportunity to move our culinary expertise indoors for a bit.  Now is the perfect time for you to visit us and take advantage of our annual BEEF ROAST SALE!  This week, we are featuring all of our Natural, Choice Graded Beef Roasts for 30% off to get you in the mood for the season.  I encourage you to stop by and visit with our skilled butchers at any of our 13 locations.  They are ready to hand cut a special roast for you to take home.  Need cooking tips?  No problem!  Our butchers are all trained on how to prepare each cut and will give you the run-down when you visit them in-store, but here are a few of my personal tips in the meantime.   Traditional Roast Beef Preparing roast beef is easy! Minimal ingredients, relatively inexpensive, and you are left with plenty of leftovers for fresh roast… Read More

EarthScents 100% Natural Cleaning Products

posted on October 8th, 2013 by Roger Arechiga

There are so many "green" cleaning products on the shelves these days, and while many of them get the job done, some people find none of those available to be the right cleaner for their home. People are emerging with an intolerance to cleaners with compositions such as harsh chemicals, so they often reach for the "green" cleaner made with natural ingredients only to find out it is not 100% natural. With a belief that a company can provide a great product AND be environmentally and socially responsible, Steve and Patricia Hess set out to develop a product that is 100% natural, earth friendly, bio-degradable, septic safe, and completely safe for people, pets, and the planet. EarthScents products are ideal for those who are allergy prone, sensitive to chemical cleaners, or for those who are concerned about the variety and mixture of harsh chemicals used in their home and around their family. The truth is in the label. While household cleaning product companies are not required to list… Read More

Cheese of the Month – São Jorge

posted on October 8th, 2013 by Michelle Salatino

São Jorge cheese is made on the island of São Jorge which is located in the central group of the archipelago of the Azores.  This island is made up of lush green fields which are grazed upon by countless cows that provide the milk for the dairy industry.  The art of cheese making on this island dates back to the 16th century possibly brought upon by the Flemish settlers who landed there. São Jorge cheese is considered to be the best cheese in the Azores and is now exported to several countries.  This cheese is made from unpasteurized grass fed cow’s milk and is PDO (Protected Geographical Status) certified.  This cheese is aged for several months in temperature controlled rooms allowing the flavors to develop.  It is full flavored, buttery, and slightly tangy.  São Jorge cheese is a wonderful table cheese or used in dishes where a robust flavor is desired. This lovely cheese will be on sale through October 15th at all Bristol Farms locations (with the exception of San… Read More

Favorite Imports – Di Martino Pasta!

posted on October 8th, 2013 by Mike McMahon

Di Martino pasta is a 3rd generation family owned company that just celebrated their 100th year in business! Manufactured exclusively from Italian grown durum wheat, Di Martino is proud to have been awarded the Product Protected by Geographical Indication (IGP - Indicazione Geografica Protetta) “Pasta di Gragnano” insignia.  Recognizing that the city of Gragnano, perched atop the Bay of Naples, has been the Italian center of traditional pasta making for centuries, the European Union reserves the IGP for products manufactured in strict accordance with the defining guidelines: Pasta of Gragnano PGI must be produced exclusively from durum wheat semolina and water of the local aquifer. This is because water has always been very typical of this limestone area and surely is one of the key factors for the quality of the final product. Production must take place within the City of Gragnano. The production process involves, after mixing and kneading… Read More

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