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A Visit from ‘Ol Saint Sparkler

posted on December 30th, 2013 by Michael Cristillo

“Twas the night after harvest, when all through the cellar, Not a creature was stirring, but that Santa Claus fellar. The first pressing of grapes, we call the cuvee It’s the best of the best, cried Santa, lets give a “hurray!” With a hoop and a holler, did the fermentation take place, Lets blend the base wines, cried Donner, quickly post haste. I know what comes next, said Vixen, its like a mirage, Add sugar and yeast and call it  “tirage.” Then comes the second fermentation, is it worth the trouble? Of course, cried Blitzen, it produces glorious bubbles! Now we store the bottles, at a cool 54 degrees, Its called the “prisse du mousse”, as all will agree. But why so much fuss, asked Cupid, its seems such a mess, Lets just make it fast and quick, and call it bulk process. “Oh, no”!, cried Comet, that’s not very bold, It takes time to make a sparkler, this liquid gold. So what comes next, asked Prancer, deeply concerned, We age it sur lees, said… Read More

Orchid Extravaganza!

posted on December 30th, 2013 by Kristin Lares

Meet Ben Chen, our Local Orchid Partner from Chino, California! Rich, deep jewel tones, spots and swirls, exotic patterns and markings only nature could make; these are only a few things that make our orchid grower, Ben Chen, unique. With several greenhouses in Chino, CA, Ben devotes an extraordinary amount of time with each plant, particularly the Phalaenopsis and Oncidium he grows for us. In fact, his high quality orchids often take several years of nurturing with the proper temperature and environment before they make their way to our stores. It’s his attention to detail and unparalleled devotion to his art that make us proud to call him a local partner. And we won’t forget to mention that Ben plays classical music to his beautiful dancing orchids. Over the centuries orchids have become identified with wealth, elegance, and worldliness. If cared for properly, the Orchid can be handed down from generation to generation and can live forever. Come on into our stores and start a… Read More

New Year’s Reflections

posted on December 26th, 2013 by Melinda Race

Looking back on the months that have gone by, as a new year starts and an old one ends, we contemplate what brought us joy and we think of our loved ones and our friends. Recalling all the happy times, remembering how they enriched our lives, we reflect upon who really counts as the fresh and bright new year arrives. And when I ponder those who do mean so much, I immediately think of you…our amazing and loyal catering customers. What a great time to thank you for using our services and for being so wonderful.  All of us in the Bristol Farms Family wish you a very Happy New Year and want you to know that you are truly one of the reasons we will have a great new year. If we can help in any way to bring good food into your homes or help to relieve your busy work load, please let us know.  Our New Year’s menu is one filled with so many delicious choices.  If you are looking for appetizers, main entrees, platters, side dishes, dessert, staff or anything else to help make your… Read More

English Truffle Cheddar

posted on December 23rd, 2013 by Rich Ferranda

When I am looking to add a little something to the holiday table, nothing works better than serving a special cheese to family and friends.  This week, Bristol Farms is offering spectacular Truffle Cheddar Cheese from Ford Farms in England.  Known for their lush pastures and rolling hills between Dorset County and the Jurassic Coast, Ford Farms produces award winning Farmhouse Cheddar Cheese.  For a limited time during the holiday season,  Bristol Farms' cheese shops will be offering this award winning cheddar infused with black truffles.  Enjoy this cheese by itself or added to a favorite recipe, such as grating it into your mashed potatoes. Either way, this cheese is sure to capture the attention of family and friends. Come by Bristol Farms and sample one of my personal holiday favorites, truffle cheddar! Happy Holidays! Read More

New to Sushi – Pot Stickers!

posted on December 21st, 2013 by Craig Tsuchiyama

If you are looking for a healthy and delicious appetizer to serve at holiday gatherings this year, consider serving Pot Stickers made fresh by Bristol Farms!  We are very excited to offer three new varieties of pot stickers in flavors such as Spicy Thai Salmon, Peppered Ahi Tuna, and Shrimp and Pork.  As with all Bristol Farms' quality products, these pot stickers are made by the same rules: using only the best quality ingredients, period.  You’ll also get added health benefits with the wild caught Sockeye Salmon and wild caught Yellowfin Tuna from their Omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin B-12, Vitamin D, Calcium, and Iron.   These new pot stickers are available already cooked in our Sushi department, just heat and eat.  Need a whole bunch of them for a party?  Just contact your nearest Bristol Farms sushi department and order a fresh cooked, customized pot sticker platter and while you’re at it, ask about our fresh made sushi platters for the New Year's Eve holiday. It's… Read More

New Years' Sparklers!

posted on December 20th, 2013 by Geoff Nicoll

Benedictine Monk Dom Pierre Pérignon, credited for the invention of Champagne, was more precisely responsible for the marketing of this discovery. His startling revelation prompted the famous quote, “Come quickly, I am drinking the stars.” What he had realized, was that the natural gasses that were created during the fermentation process actually incorporate into the liquid when trapped behind a sealed closure. A wonderful discovery indeed, but hardly that of the famous devotee of the Order of St. Benedict. The process was already being utilized mid 16th Century as documented by Benedictine Monks,  also in a Monastery, but about a century prior to his conception. And it wasn’t sparkling wine that Dom Pérignon was nurturing; the Champagne he was producing was actually a red table wine. The sparkling white common today likely originated as Blanquette de Limoux, from the region known today as the Languedoc. True Champagne comes from a series of villages located about 100 mi east… Read More

Holiday Munchies by Grace‑Marie's Cooking School

posted on December 19th, 2013 by Bristol Farms

    Oh, the holidays! Who doesn’t love them? The hustle and bustle of the shopping season, parties to attend with family and friends, and not to mention all the good eats! If you’re hosting a holiday party this season, we understand that times are busy and while it’s very easy to pick up a veggie tray with dip and a few bags of chips, where’s the fun in that?! Don’t you want to impress your guests with what appears like you’ve spent countless hours and lots of energy in the kitchen to whip up fancy hors d'oeuvres and appetizers? Of course you do! Well, good news is we visited Grace-Marie’s Kitchen, the Cooking School at Bristol Farms and she gave us some of her go-to recipes for Holiday Munchies but without all the hassle of making it from complete scratch. She uses a lot of short cuts in these recipes and can’t we all appreciate that this time of year? Not to mention that they are simply delicious…let’s get started.   Pesto Chicken Salad on… Read More

Featured Grower – Lakeside Organic Gardens

posted on December 17th, 2013 by John Savidan

Lakeside Organic Gardens is the largest family-owned and operated solely organic vegetable grower/shipper in California. Producing over 45 commodities, Lakeside Organic Gardens is 100% committed to being organically grown in the USA.   100% Family Owned The Peixoto family began farming in the Pajaro Valley of California in the late 1800’s and perfected conventional growing throughout the 1900’s. As their passions for harvesting the riches of the soil grew and evolved, the family made a committed decision to convert all their farms to 100% organic. Lakeside Organic Gardens was launched by Dick Peixoto and his extended family in 1996. Today, the company is still family-owned and operated with more than 10 family members on the team!   100% Organic Unlike many conventional growers who adopt organic farming as a sideline, Lakeside Organic Gardens is 100% organic, 365 days a year. The commitment to organic certification requires stringent adherence to government standards… Read More

Bristol's Own Peppermint Bark!

posted on December 13th, 2013 by Christophe Moreau

If you ask me, holidays and sweets go hand in hand. It's almost unavoidable during the holidays...you will find sweets everywhere! Around the office, in your home, as a gift during exchange, and let's not forget the stores! Candy and all sorts of confections are littering the aisles of every store in town, whether it's a grocer or any other retailer. Some people love it and indulge this time of year while others steer clear the best they can. But, I love sweets...especially handmade. That is why I am very excited to introduce our Bristol's Own Peppermint Bark this holiday season.   Peppermint Bark is a classic Christmas favorite! Each year, I look forward to peppermint bark making its way into the stores. I just love the combination of rich dark chocolate, velvety smooth white chocolate, and the coolness of cracked peppermint candy. It's perfect for this wintery season and  it's simply delicious. But, I often find myself disappointed when opening a box of conventional… Read More

Holiday Fare Celebration!

posted on December 12th, 2013 by Steve Howard

Let Bristol Farms do the cooking for your December holiday meals! Every year, Bristol Farms offers a bountiful and delicious holiday meal for its customers during the entire holiday season and while a great majority of our customers are very familiar with our offering, some may have never had the opportunity to try the variety of foods before ordering. Now's your opportunity! This weekend, December 14th & 15th, our Catering Concierge teams will be in-store and on hand with a buffet of samplers from our holiday menu. We will be handing out samples of our spiral glazed holiday ham, Green Beans Almandine, and Butternut Squash Risotto..our signature favorite! Although our sampling is limited from our entire menu offering, it will definitely give you an idea of the quality of food we offer during the holidays. We have everything from a cooked holiday turkey, roasted goose, prime rib and all the sides.  Ordering from Bristol Farms will allow you to spend more time with family and… Read More

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