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Brie -The Lover’s Cheese or Cheese for Lovers

If you are a big cheese fanatic like me, you may be intrigued by this article merely by reading its title. Being a lover of cheese, you’re probably already familiar with brie and are a close friend to this smooth, rich delectable cheese. But, we are here to entice those who have not had the […]

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Super Bowl Catering

The sound of Peyton Manning barking “Omaha! Omaha!” is picked up by a tiny microphone in an offensive lineman’s pads so it can be broadcast to the world.  In an age of enormous high-definition televisions and games streamed to tablets and smartphones, audio seems almost quaint. Yet TV executives have made it a major focus […]

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Live, Love, Chocolate!

Fact: Consumers spend more than $7 billion dollars a year on chocolate! Let’s hear it from those of you who know you’ve contributed a large portion to this figure… If you LOVE chocolate, you have come to the right place! From January 29 – February 18, Bristol Farms is celebrating everything about CHOCOLATE with our […]

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Tips for Managing the Ugly “S” Word – Stress

Stress is so much a part of our daily living, that often times we do not even realize how stressed we are until we start to notice some of its damaging effects. While a little of the stress producing hormones can be beneficial and at times necessary — say to meet a deadline or get […]

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New at Bristol Farms-Pizza Romana!

If you’ve ever been to Italy, you know chowing down on lots of pizza is a must! There is just something about the way Italians make pizza; the thin perfectly baked dough, light sauce, and perfect proportion of fresh ingredients…it’s divine to enjoy, especially with the backdrop of cities such as Rome, or Naples. While […]

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Bristol’s Own Honey Maple Turkey

Those who have a sweet tooth, you will love our Honey Maple Turkey Breast at the deli department in Bristol Farms. This tender, extra lean turkey breast gets its sweet flavor from maple syrup and honey. Low fat and rich in protein, this turkey is something sweet you can feel good about eating.  Always sliced […]

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Raincoast Limited Edition Winterfruit Flavored Crisps

Raincoast crisps were invented in Vancouver, Canada by a Parisian-trained chef by the name of Lesley Stowe.  Lesley began her own catering company more than 25 years ago and with the success of her Raincoast Crisps, she has quickly become a household name in Canada and the states alike.  Lesley Stowe’s Raincoast Crisps have even […]

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Quench Your Thirst with this New Year’s Resolution

Are you ready to throw your bucket list of New Year’s resolutions out the window for one that is easy yet incredibly powerful? If getting healthy was on your resolution list, drinking more water can certainly have a big impact on your overall health; from improving the complexion by flushing out toxins, boosting the immune system, […]

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Cheddar of the Month – Cabot Extra Sharp Cheddar

New Year, New Cheddar! We’re starting this new year of 2014 extra sharp! Cabot Extra Sharp Cheddar is milky white in color, has a typical aged cheddar tang, and a crumbly texture.  This cheese pairs wonderfully with roasted nuts and ale.  It can also be used in cooking; simply add it to a burger for […]

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