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Brie ‑The Lover’s Cheese or Cheese for Lovers

posted on January 31st, 2014 by Carl Smith

If you are a big cheese fanatic like me, you may be intrigued by this article merely by reading its title. Being a lover of cheese, you're probably already familiar with brie and are a close friend to this smooth, rich delectable cheese. But, we are here to entice those who have not had the opportunity to try the ever-so luscious brie cheese, and we're quite sure that reading about it will stimulate your taste buds. From the beginning of its history, Brie cheese has its origins in the French province called Brie - a town 60 miles away from Paris. Legend has it that the first bite was savored by the Emperor Charlemagne of France, who immediately fell in love with it. He was so enamored for the cheese that his last wish was to have the final bite of his favorite brie. Brie is soft and creamy with a taste that really marries well with veggies, fruits, or sauces and meat. If consumed as an appetizer, brie cheese is delectable and quite adaptable. It is usually paired with fruit and… Read More

Super Bowl Catering

posted on January 30th, 2014 by Melinda Race

The sound of Peyton Manning barking "Omaha! Omaha!" is picked up by a tiny microphone in an offensive lineman's pads so it can be broadcast to the world.  In an age of enormous high-definition televisions and games streamed to tablets and smartphones, audio seems almost quaint. Yet TV executives have made it a major focus in recent years, for the exact reason so many people are fascinated by the Broncos quarterback's audibles.   Immediately after the Seahawks game, what great excitement as the microphone is put up to a players mouth while the body is full of adrenaline from a great play a moment earlier.   It is all so exciting and times have changed.  Americans are obsessed with football and who can blame them? That same excitement come with the foods we pick to celebrate this great American sports. We just  love good food, fun competition and family enjoying the Super Bowl....and let’s not forget the half time show and the great commercials!   Bristol Farms Catering is… Read More

Live, Love, Chocolate!

posted on January 28th, 2014 by Christophe Moreau

Fact: Consumers spend more than $7 billion dollars a year on chocolate! Let's hear it from those of you who know you've contributed a large portion to this figure... If you LOVE chocolate, you have come to the right place! From January 29 - February 18, Bristol Farms is celebrating everything about CHOCOLATE with our "Live, Love, Chocolate" event. We are excited to offer you a chocolate experience you are not soon to forget, a true indulgence for all your senses.  As you make your way through the store you will be greeted with our masterfully crafted, fresh, hand-dipped strawberries, our exquisite collection of signature chocolate bars and confections, our Bakery's own chocolate creations like fudge, bark, cakes, and our new Chicken Chocolate Mole in our Deli Department, just to name a few items you should definitely check out.   There is no denying that chocolate and passion come hand in hand. Whether you are a connoisseur of fine chocolates or just have the occasional… Read More

Tips for Managing the Ugly "S" Word – Stress

posted on January 24th, 2014 by Silvia Navas

Stress is so much a part of our daily living, that often times we do not even realize how stressed we are until we start to notice some of its damaging effects. While a little of the stress producing hormones can be beneficial and at times necessary -- say to meet a deadline or get out of harm’s way -- people who don't manage stress well can have headaches, stomach pain, sleeping problems, depression and open the door to all kinds of other illnesses.   Aside from the negative and obvious damaging physical effects long- term stress can cause, another factor to consider is how much living in stress robs us of the ability to enjoy our lives. The physical and mental distraction that stress creates takes us away from enjoying the positive things in our lives. But all is not lost; you can help manage stress in several different ways and have almost immediate results. Yes, that overwhelming feeling that you don’t have time for anything else, especially indulge in self-care, is a… Read More

New at Bristol Farms‑Pizza Romana!

posted on January 24th, 2014 by Aaron Jones

If you've ever been to Italy, you know chowing down on lots of pizza is a must! There is just something about the way Italians make pizza; the thin perfectly baked dough, light sauce, and perfect proportion of fresh ingredients...it's divine to enjoy, especially with the backdrop of cities such as Rome, or Naples. While finding good, authentic, Italian-style pizza here in the states can be done, it can be a challenge, especially in the frozen aisles of a local grocer. Well, not anymore! We've scoured the countless options of bringing in the most delicious and authentic Italian made pizzas and we feel we have found the perfect line for our pizza lovers to enjoy any night of the week.   We are proud to introduce Pizza Romana! Hand-Stretched, Stone Baked, Completely Natural, and imported straight from Italy! It doesn't get much better than this. To give you a little background on the making of Pizza Romana, it all begins in the small town of Visso in the Marche region of Italy… Read More

Bristol's Own Honey Maple Turkey

posted on January 17th, 2014 by Rich Ferranda

Those who have a sweet tooth, you will love our Honey Maple Turkey Breast at the deli department in Bristol Farms. This tender, extra lean turkey breast gets its sweet flavor from maple syrup and honey. Low fat and rich in protein, this turkey is something sweet you can feel good about eating.  Always sliced to order the way you request it, come in and try a sample this week and let us satisfy your sandwich needs Read More

Raincoast Limited Edition Winterfruit Flavored Crisps

posted on January 13th, 2014 by Michelle Salatino

Raincoast crisps were invented in Vancouver, Canada by a Parisian-trained chef by the name of Lesley Stowe.  Lesley began her own catering company more than 25 years ago and with the success of her Raincoast Crisps, she has quickly become a household name in Canada and the states alike.  Lesley Stowe’s Raincoast Crisps have even been featured on Oprah’s “O” list.   The Raincoast Crisps are all natural and made in small batches using the finest ingredients.  They offer several different flavors such as Cranberry Hazelnut and Rosemary Raisin Pecan. Perfect for the holiday season or year-round! They also have a nice gluten free variety for our gluten free friends.   To celebrate the winter season, Raincoast developed a new limited edition flavor, Winterfruit Crisps.  These Winterfruit Crisps are full of plums, cranberries, and apricots as well as pumpkin, flax, and sesame seeds.  These crisps are the perfect addition to any holiday gathering.  Serve on their… Read More

Quench Your Thirst with this New Year's Resolution

posted on January 7th, 2014 by Silvia Navas

Are you ready to throw your bucket list of New Year's resolutions out the window for one that is easy yet incredibly powerful? If getting healthy was on your resolution list, drinking more water can certainly have a big impact on your overall health; from improving the complexion by flushing out toxins, boosting the immune system, giving our bodies energy, improving digestion, and keeping joints and muscles lubricated to curbing cravings and supporting weight loss, drinking water can have wonderful health benefits. We all know we should drink more water, but many of us still have a challenging time drinking enough water every day. In fact, according to a study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, forty-three percent of adults drink less than four cups of water a day. As if not drinking enough water wasn't enough to challenge our body's ability to survive, we often reach for coffee and sugary drinks which can lead to further dehydration. Symptoms of moderate… Read More

Cheddar of the Month – Cabot Extra Sharp Cheddar

posted on January 2nd, 2014 by Michelle Salatino

New Year, New Cheddar! We're starting this new year of 2014 extra sharp! Cabot Extra Sharp Cheddar is milky white in color, has a typical aged cheddar tang, and a crumbly texture.  This cheese pairs wonderfully with roasted nuts and ale.  It can also be used in cooking; simply add it to a burger for extra flavor or grate into your cheese sauce for a kicked up macaroni and cheese. This cheddar goes great in Cabot's own New Year recipe of Black-Eyed Peas & Cheddar Dip below. Here's to wishing you good luck in the new year!   The producer, Cabot Creamery, is a 1,200+ farm family dairy cooperative with members in New England and upstate New York producing all natural, award-winning cheeses, including the "World's Best Cheddar", as well as a tasty variety of flavored cheddars. They have four plants in three states and employ over 1,000 people. Bristol Farms is proud to feature Cabot's extra sharp cheddar for the month of January...stop into our stores for a… Read More

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