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Farm Fresh Bulk Eggs

posted on February 21st, 2014 by Roger Arechiga


Beginning March 1st, Bristol Farms is very proud to introduce our new Farm Fresh Bulk Egg program in our dairy departments.  Bristol Farms has teamed up with local farmer Billy Mouw (out of Chino California), and Rosemary Farms, to introduce this new egg program that offers our customers the freshest Cage Free Large egg on the market! Plus, this program gives you the option to buy as little or as many as you’d like.

The eggs’ journey begins on the family owned and operated farm in Chino, about 35 miles east of Los Angeles. The chickens are fed an all vegetarian diet with no hormones or steroids. The workers feed the chickens by hand, one scoop of feed at a time, and hand-gather over 20,000 eggs a day. The ranch hands then wash and pack the eggs on a machine, which takes about five hours every day.  Once the eggs are nice and clean the workers then package the eggs to be delivered to the store.

Our Farm Fresh Bulk Eggs are delivered to our stores once a week and the eggs are guaranteed to be less than 7 days old when they arrive.  Most carton eggs are 14-21 days old when they arrive to the store, so our Farm Fresh Bulk Eggs have a distinct advantage in freshness.  Eggs just don’t get any fresher, which means you get the best tasting egg being sold today.  The only way you could get fresher is if you raised your own chickens!

Our Bulk Egg program is also convenient in that the customer may hand select their eggs and they may choose to purchase one or as many as you’d like. Our eggs are sold for 37¢ each, but if you buy six, the price is $1.99, and buy twelve for $3.79. This really is the freshest and best deal in town. C’mon in, pick up a few eggs, and let us know what you think!


For more information on Rosemary’s farm, visit their website at http://www.rosemaryfarm.com/Home.aspx

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  1. La Rae says:


    1. bristolfarms says:

      Thanks for the feedback, La Rae! Yes, it is very convenient in that you may buy as many as you’d like. Have a great day!

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