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Magnum Coffee – Spring Special Edition

posted on March 20th, 2014 by Mike McMahon

As Spring is blooming, Bristol Farms is delighted to offer a special on the world’s finest coffee! Magnum Coffee is known for their Taste of the Exotics premium Kona blend and Jamaican blend. Now featured at Bristol Farms, each blend is on sale for only $12.99 for a 24oz bag—a deal compared to the charge of $6.99 per 12oz bag.   What makes this special, truly special, though? I’ll tell you! Magnum Coffee is a family-owned business that cares about producing the highest quality coffee. They source coffee from earnest farmers all over the world to bring you a collection of their popular Taste of the Exotics blends, a pleasure of the purest 100% Arabica coffee.   Magnum Taste of the Exotics are not only cultivated to give you the freshest taste, but are also authentic in flavor. We are excited to offer today, Kona blend, a light roast with accents of sweet nutty flavor, and Jamaican blend, a full-bodied medium roast with overwhelmingly rich tones.   Brew up a… Read More

Introducing Heirloom Artichokes!

posted on March 20th, 2014 by John Savidan

The Artichoke. One of the world’s oldest-known foods, Artichokes have delighted and nourished people for several thousand years. Today, Artichokes are enjoyed in every corner of the globe, and Bristol Farms is proud to offer the highest quality and tastiest varieties available within the market place.   Most artichokes are grown from seed, which can be a lengthy process each season, so growers have identified a unique way in which to grow artichokes at a faster pace. Heirloom Artichokes, just like a family recipe, are a unique variety of artichoke grown only from root stock that has been passed down to each generation of family farmers for more than 90 years – These unique heirloom artichokes are never grown from seed. Bristol Farms' Heirloom artichokes are grown along the Pacific Oceans Monterey Bay in Castroville, California.   Whether you’ve eaten Artichokes for years or you’re about to try your first one, our produce departments will provide you with all you… Read More

Mushroom Lover's Panini

posted on March 19th, 2014 by Carl Smith

Introducing two new mushroom lover's panini! The Bristol Farms Deli is proud to feature two new panini made fresh in our kitchens. Morel & Leek is served with morel and leek Jack cheese, tomato, and fresh spinach. The Mushroom & Blue features grilled portabella mushroom, smoked blue cheese, and fresh spinach. Both panini are served on a triangle ciabatta roll; just heat in a grill press and serve. Give them a try and come back to let us know what you think! Read More

A Taste of Ireland – Guinness Irish Stout

posted on March 13th, 2014 by Geoff Nicoll

When you think about your favorite Irish beer, which comes to mind? For us, it's Guinness. Guinness Extra Stout is a dry Irish Stout which gains its deep dark color from roasting the barley. It, like other traditional beers, consists of water, barley and yeast, but in this case, some un-malted barley is sent to kilns to give a toasty, smoky, coffee-like flavor. The original gave birth to a draught stout which is pressurized with nitrogen rather than carbon dioxide, which leads to a creamier, less sharp mouthfeel, and a slightly lower alcohol content. While it has a reputation of being “a meal in a glass”, a typical 12 oz serving of a draught stout contains around 150 calories, less than a glass of low fat milk, orange juice and many light beers.   Guinness is great enjoyed on its own but can also be paired with some wonderful Irish cheeses, such as Tipperary Irish Cheddar and Oscar Wilde Aged Irish Cheddar (both on sale at Bristol Farms through March 25, 2014). Make it a… Read More

Spark Some Luck with Shamrock Plants

posted on March 11th, 2014 by Kristin Lares

St. Patrick's Day is right around the corner and Bristol Farms Floral departments celebrate this fun holiday every year with Shamrock Plants! These seasonal house plants are a festive way to celebrate the holiday and invite Spring into your home. This year, we are offering a great Buy One, Get One Free deal to our customers and for $10.99, you'll receive your second Shamrock Plant FREE!! Come into your local Bristol Farms Floral department and receive this great deal for a limited time, through March 18, 2014. And, our Floral Specialists are always happy to help you select a perfect plant for any holiday party.   Remember! Shamrock Plants aren't only to be enjoyed on St. Patrick's Day. This special plant can be a great addition to your home along with all your other house plants. I have provided some tips here to keep your Shamrock Plant happy and healthy through the spring. Enjoy!   Growing Shamrocks as House Plants Many hybrid Shamrocks are grown and sold as house… Read More

Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream Sandwiches

posted on March 4th, 2014 by Aaron Jones

As if their ice cream wasn't good enough, Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams has achieved the ultimate Ice Cream Sandwiches and they are now available in our freezer aisles!   Jeni's Ice Cream sandwiches include the Oatmeal Cream — an old-time favorite updated with exotic Ndali Estate Vanilla Bean ice cream — and three lovely, gluten-free macaroon sandwiches handmade with almond flour: Orchid Vanilla, Chocolate Hazelnut, and Salty Caramel with Smoked Almonds.   The collection includes one each of the four flavors below: OATMEAL CREAM Ndali Estate Vanilla Bean ice cream between chewy and buttery oatmeal cookies with molasses and a hint of cinnamon. CHOCOLATE HAZELNUT Rich, truffle-like Dark Chocolate ice cream coated in roasted and salted hazelnuts between from-scratch hazelnut-flour macaroons. ORCHID VANILLA Ndali Estate Vanilla Bean ice cream and black currant jam between almond macaroons.  A drop-dead, delicious beauty. SALTY CARAMEL WITH SMOKED ALMONDS Salty… Read More

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