Coombe Castle’s Fiddler’s Green Cheese

by Carl Smith, Deli & Cheese Buyer

fiddlers green cheeseThis St. Patrick’s Day, Bristol Farms is featuring a number of great Irish, or St. Paddy’s Day, inspired cheeses from our cheese shops, such as our Tipperary Irish Cheddar and Oscar Wilde Aged Irish Cheddar. But, we invite you to discover a cheese that won’t be playing second fiddle; Coombe Castle’s Fiddler’s Green. Fiddler’s Green is a wonderful combination of three traditional cheeses, Cheddar, Sage Derby, and Red Leicester, which have been tastefully married together to create a true Irish image with colors that reflect those of the national flag. Fun and delicious!


Fiddler’s Green is not just a charming name of a cheese. It is actually a mythological Irish paradise, the “happy land imagined by sailors where there is perpetual mirth and a fiddle that never stops playing for dancers who never tire.”


The Jeanie Johnston, a beautiful Irish ship built in 1847, traveled between Europe and the United States for years and years transporting Irish people to the new world along with their favorite foods. Who knows? She may have even carried cheese! The label depicts a ship sailing toward a sunny green island. On the side is a picture of a fiddle.


Enjoy Fiddler‘s Green on St. Patrick‘s Day for a taste of the joyful isles. Its flavor never tires and will keep your taste-buds happy!



Coombe Castle’s Fiddler’s Green $14.99 lb.

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