Beautiful Easter Lilies

by Jeanne Lesher, Floral Buyer

lilies-easter-lilyGorgeous, big, beautiful, bright, and fragrant are words that can only be describing Easter Lilies! I love this time of year, and after many years of working in the floral industry, the Easter Lily still holds a special place in my heart. Starting April 11, you can count on Bristol Farms’ Floral departments as your lily headquarters; I brought in the double bulb Easter Lilies at $11.99! This offer is good through April 20, 2014.


History of the Lily

The Lily traveled from Japan to the United States during World War 1, and found its home planted on the Southern Coast of Oregon, where the coastal climate offered the perfect temperature for the bulbs to thrive. Today, most growers of the Easter Lily are located along the California and Oregon Borders. This area has been deemed the “Easter Lily Capital of the World,” as 95% of the Lily production for the Easter Holiday is grown here.  Even though there is roughly a two week window to sell the lily, it is the fourth largest crop in wholesale value in the U.S. potted plant market.


What to look for when buying a Easter Lily

Look for a plant with flowers and various stages of bloom from buds, to pen, or partially opened flowers. The foliage should be dark green and thick and the growing leaves should go all away down to the soil; this is a great indication that the root system is healthy. When you get your lily home from the store, please keep the lily away from drafts and dry heat sources. The plant loves bright to indirect lighting and temperatures around 65 to 75 degrees. Water the Easter Lily when the soil feels dry, but do not over water. Please, remove the pollen from the center of the lily; this will prolong the life of the lily. If you get the pollen on your clothes do not rub it in, just take some scotch tape and press down and pull up. This will not stain your clothes.


Keep the bulb when the plant is done blooming and plant the whole lily plant outside while trimming the blooms off only. Plant in a sunny site with well-drained soil. Plant the top of the bulb 6 inches down into the soil surface and just leave the stem and leaves showing above ground. Do not cut them back until fall, and by spring you will have a new plant.


I hope you have learned something about our beautiful Easter Lily Plants. Please drop me a line or comment below on some of your favorite plants or flowers year-round. Have a safe and happy holiday!

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