Local Seafood Spotlight

by Craig Tsuchiyama

locally caught dungeness crabThe Sears sisters are at it again. The vessel “Princess” owned and operated by Heather Sears is a commercial fishing boat that fishes out of Morro Bay, California in search of the finest quality seafood for our discerning customer.  Heather Sears comes from a family that has fished California waters for many generations.  As told by our fresh seafood supplier, “We buy fish from Heather because she takes extra care of all fish she lands”.

Winter through Spring, Heather and her crew will target Sablefish (Black Cod), Rockfish, Dungeness crab, local White Sea bass, and local Halibut.  As the weather warms throughout the summer months, we’ll start to see Swordfish, Opah, and California King Salmon.  Last year, we saw some of the most beautiful Wild Caught California King Salmon from Heather’s boat and we expect much of the same this year.  So, keep your eyes peeled for the season to start soon!

Bristol Farms is proud to partner with the “Princess” and acknowledges their sustainable fishing practices.

Great tasting seafood always starts fresh.

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