Peet’s 48th Anniversary Blend

by Christophe Moreau

Every year, Peet’s creates a special annual blend to commemorate Alfred Peet’s start of the specialty coffee revolution, started in Berkeley in 1966, changing the way that Americans experienced the taste and quality of their coffee…48 years ago.


This year’s Anniversary Blend features deep, syrupy coffee from Uganda’s Mt. Elgon, and is brightened with an extraordinary Ethiopian natural coffee and finished with sweet, washed coffees from the Pacific and South America.


Tasting notes: “Rich, vibrant and aromatic”  Full-bodied and intriguingly savory with bright with exotic layers of tropical fruits.


Like every year, Peet’s Anniversary Blend is only available for a limited time; through May 11th. Stop by a Bristol Farms today to pick up a bag of this wonderful coffee.


Giving Back!

We celebrate 48 years with a great cup that gives back to our communities at origin; this year, to the St. Antonios Orphanage in Uganda. $.25 of every purchase is donated to the care of 1,250 orphaned children in rural Uganda, providing meals of porridge, school supplies, clothing, and healthcare to help combat HIV and malaria.


Peet’s Coffee & Tea will provide up to $50,000 in proceeds to St. Antonios, which is double the donation from 2013!


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  1. Sue says:

    Do you still carry this coffee? If you do, is there a way I can purchase it from you if I’m not near any of your locations?

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