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Westland Orchids at Bristol Farms

posted on April 22nd, 2014 by Kristin Lares

Westland Orchids has been growing Hydroponic Orchids in greenhouses on 100 acres of land in Carpinteria, California for over 40 years. Starting April 24, you can find this wonderful product at all Bristol Farms stores. With a family growing history of 15 generations of farmers,  Westland Orchids are master growers and deliver high quality products with the newest varieties of Phalaeonopsis Orchids on the market. The colors range from whites, greens, yellows, purple, pinks to bi-colored assortments, both in single and double spike. These Orchids are native to the Asian tropics and are nicknamed due to their resemblance to flying moths. The time frame from when the seed is germinated until the plant is mature and puts out blooms is approximately 1 ½ years to maturity. So, extreme amount of patience pays off!


These orchids are available year round at Bristol Farms and are easy to care for. They make ideal gifts for any occasion. You can purchase these beautiful doubled spike orchid plants for $19.99, or the single spike orchids for $14.99 at all Bristol Farms locations arriving April 24. Looking for something special? Our educated staff can always assist in selecting the perfect gift.


Care tips on Orchids:

Orchids thrive in a humid atmosphere and they must have excellent ventilation around their roots. Never re-pot your Orchid plants in regular soil; you need a special bark mix. During the summer months keep the orchids outside in indirect lighting. Water them regularly and feed the orchids with Organic AO Orchid food, which we have in our floral departments at Bristol Farms. Never submerged the roots with water, if you see that the leaves are turning a pale yellow, with red on the edges, please move your plant to an area with more shade. To replicate humid conditions, spritz the orchid with water regularly. Please stop by, pick up one of our special orchids, and come back to let us know how you are enjoying them. We’d love to hear from you!



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