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Cheese of the Month – Rogue Creamery Chocolate Stout

Inspired by a sense of place for 80 years, Rogue Creamery draws from the beauty and flavors of Southern Oregon’s Rogue River Valley to create handcrafted cheeses. The certified sustainable whole milk they use to make distinctive varieties of cheeses comes from Rogue Creamery’s exclusive dairy along the banks of the rugged and scenic Rogue […]

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Cheers To Big Beers!

Whomever said less is more, probably wasn’t a Big Beer fan. We think in most cases, Bigger is Better, so we have gone Bigger with a Big deal on Big Beer Bottles (and cans, which doesn’t fit the mnemonic). So, to celebrate our affection and investment in Big Beers, we are announcing our Big Beer, […]

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Introducing Red Fox Cheddar

Red Fox Cheddar is handmade at Belton Farm where cheesemakers use a unique recipe that has been developed over many years. The cultures have been carefully selected to produce a cheese with an intense and complex blend of sweet, savory, and distinctively nutty flavors. Red Fox gets its color from the flavorless dye from the […]

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Essential Grilling Tools, Bristol Farms Style

Well, as I author this blog entry on May 16, it is 100+ degrees outside.  Not that I really needed a reminder that the grilling season is quickly approaching, but mother nature is sending a strong message in case I didn’t get the memo.  And let’s face it, in Southern California the grilling season really […]

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All-Natural Lump Hardwood Charcoal by Woodstock

It’s grilling season! And, if you’re an avid BBQ’er like me, you’re probably passionate about your grilling method and will debate over which fire starter is better. Whether it’s a gas grill, charcoal, or wood burning barbeque, we can all agree about one thing-nothing beats a good barbeque spread.   I used to be a charcoal […]

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Spice up your BBQ with Flowers and Herbs

Bristol Farms is in amidst of our 2nd annual “Thrill of the Grill” promotion that started on May 7 and runs thru June 17. During this 6 week BBQ celebration, our floral departments will be offering very nice floral centerpieces and growing herbs that are perfectly suited for a grilling affair.   We are featuring […]

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In Season! California Wild King Salmon

The California Wild King Salmon season just started and Jerry Wonderer, out of Morro Bay, CA, and his fleet are already out fishing.  He’ll be on his way back soon with a fresh catch for the weekend.   All of Jerry’s boats are geared for short fishing trips with emphasis on cold crushed ice storage to […]

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Bristol Farms’ Wine Selections

No stone unturned, our buyers travel the globe and taste thousands of wines each year. No easy task, and not as much fun as one might think, but it is a labor of love. In our quest to bring you great wines at great values, sometimes we needn’t look farther than our own backyard. Introducing […]

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Toketti di Pane Carasau – Sardinian Flat Bread

Toketti di Pane Carasau are modern-day, bite-size snacks made from the famous flatbread which dates back centuries to the Arabic invasion of Sardinia.   Sardinia, an island in the middle of the Mediterranean with over 1,100 miles of unspoiled coastline and a multitude of sheep, is a unique place filled with much history and age-old […]

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Cheese of the Month – Roccia del Piave

This 8-month aged cow’s milk cheese from Veneto gets its name, meaning “rock,” from the way it is aged. Farmers used to hide their wheels of cheese from outlaws in the rocky cavities formed by the flooding of the Piave River (described in Hemingway’s novel “Across the river and into the trees”).   It has […]

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