The Best Fruits for Grilling

by Wally Mogollon

grilled-peachesIf you enjoy a good cookout, chances are you will be firing up your grill this Memorial Day weekend. There is some seriously good food to be grilled featured in this week’s ad and in-store specials, such as our 30% off locally raised air chilled chicken sale, Copper River salmon that was just delivered to our stores, and this weekend’s (May 23-26) Best of Market fresh swordfish for $13.99lb! But how about dessert? Let’s stick with the grilling theme and try some of this season’s best fresh fruit that is great on the grill!


If you’ve never had the opportunity to try grilled fruit and you are not yet sold, let me tell you it’s a wonderful thing! Grilling fruit causes the natural sugars to caramelize, creating a new smoky dimension and a dessert that is decadent, yet low-calorie, and chock-full of vitamins. If warm fruit does not sound appealing, you can always grill your fruit first before your meal and place it in the refrigerator until you are ready to enjoy it. In a simple preparation, you may top your grilled fruit with whipped cream, Mascarpone cheese, cinnamon, chopped nuts, honey, etc. The options are plenty, and it will surely be a crowd-pleaser.


Grilling fruit is really quite simple. Start by cutting the fruit to provide a flat surface and lightly brush with olive oil so it does not stick to the grate. Watch the fruit closely as it cooks; don’t “set it and forget it.” Fruit doesn’t take long to grill, so stick close by to prevent it from overcooking and becoming mush. Below is a list of the best fruits for grilling.


Watermelon: Top with a sprinkle of Feta cheese and a few sprigs of mint

Peaches & Nectarines: Top with Mascarpone cheese, a drizzle of honey, and chopped pistachios

Strawberry Kabobs: After grilling, chop the strawberries up and top a bowl of ice cream

Pineapple: Delicious on its own or atop a burger

Bananas: Grilled banana split? Yes! Top with ice cream, chocolate sauce, and sprinkled nuts


Give some grilled fruit a try this weekend and let us know how it turned out for you! We’d love to hear your recipe ideas or unique twists on preparation. Have a wonderful Memorial Day!




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