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Fresh Tilapia Ceviche

posted on May 1st, 2014 by Craig Tsuchiyama

tilapia-cevicheCinco De Mayo is just a few days away, and our Seafood departments offer the perfect accompaniment to your holiday fare: colorful, festive, fresh, and delicious tilapia ceviche and a variety of seafood salads.  Stop by our seafood department and taste our ceviche and seafood salads that are always made with fresh tilapia and an assortment of other fresh seafood.

What makes our ceviche so exceptional? It’s our tilapia! Our tilapia is delivered 24 hours of harvest ensuring you get the freshest fish available in the market.  Tilapia is already known for being one of the most versatile fish available; it is equally exceptional when baked, broiled, pan fried, or bar-b-qued.  So what’s the difference between Bristol Farms tilapia and their competitors?  The biggest difference is flavor.  Our tilapia are raised in low density, polyculture systems (raised along with shrimp), in ponds naturally infused with saltwater with every new tide.  The saltwater acts as a natural cleanser and gives the fish a clean mild flavor and a firm texture.  The feed is 96% vegetable-based made of only the finest, purest ingredients, formulated at their proprietary plant to ensure purity and quality.

How about responsible farming methods, use of chemicals, or nutrition?  Tropical is committed to sustainable farming and social responsibility.  Their farming practices are backed by third party certifications, their processing facility is fully HACCP compliant, and every tilapia fillet is 100% traceable to the source.  Our tilapia is free of chemicals, antibiotics, growth promoters and carbon monoxide.  Fresh tilapia is an excellent source of protein and is low in fat, calories and carbohydrates.

Pick up some fresh tilapia, or our fresh tilapia ceviche, this weekend at your local Bristol Farms and taste the difference.


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