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3 New Dessert Crackers, Bing Juice, & Gourmet Ice Creams

posted on June 27th, 2014 by Martin Deveau

Our Demo program is offering up some truly unique, and can't-be-missed products this weekend. I have personally, and gladly, taste tested all of these fine products just to be sure they are up to the standards our customers have come to expect, and you won't be disappointed. Please stop by this weekend to try the products for yourselves!   MILTON SNACK CRACKERS Milton’s has come up with 3 new snack crackers that are delicious and so addicting. Once you start eating them, you won’t be able to stop! With flavors such as Cocoa, Blueberry, and Honey, these make great dessert crackers. Blueberries are my favorite for snacking...and if you love Blueberries too,  you will love these blueberry snack crackers. They are my favorite. They are great with a spread of Bristol Farms' Double Whipped Cream Cheese on top; it's making my mouth water as I write about them now! The Cocoa Snack Crackers have a fine chocolate taste; these were a close second to being my favorite. These are great… Read More

Farmers Market Calla Lilies!

posted on June 27th, 2014 by Kristin Lares

Nothing says summer like sun drenched calla lilies! Bristol Farms has brought back our large calla lilies, locally grown in Watsonville, Ca. There is a short window for the calla lily crop; it is only 6-8 weeks long, and runs through the end of  July. Our bulb grower does all of his own hybridizing of the calla lily bulbs and they thrive growing in our cool coastal climate. The growers create a lot of their own varieties of the bulb which produces beautiful, intense colors of the lily. Just look at the pictures! A good portion of his crop is started from seed, which he collects. It takes 2 years to produce a flower from seed, so much patience is required! This 4-year-old family owned business farms about 60 acres. The calla lily flowers are cut to order and are not stored in any coolers. The flowers are taken off the young plants which contributes to how nice they are. This gives the calla lily bulk and substance and longevity to your vase-life after you bring them home. This… Read More

Summeripe Nectarines

posted on June 26th, 2014 by Keith Tsuchiyama

Yellow Nectarines are in season and sweeter than ever! Our locally grown yellow nectarines are on sale for $2.49 lb through July 1st, so grab them while you can. I'd like to give you a little back-story on our nectarines - the history, uses, and information on our grower. Nectarines are a fantastic sweet/tart fruit that’s similar to a peach…without the fuzz! They are enjoyed in a variety of different ways: they can simply be eaten in hand or sliced, or as an ingredient in many recipes. Nectarines can be used in recipes from appetizers to desserts. They make a great marinade for steaks, fish, and pork, to salsas, ice cream, and in salads. We invite you to savor the flavor of our amazing fresh nectarines while they are at the peak of their season.   So, what’s the difference between a peach and nectarine? Well, technically speaking, the difference comes down to one recessive gene, which determines whether or not the resulting fruit will be fuzzy. If both parent trees pass… Read More

Vegan protein – not just for vegans

posted on June 23rd, 2014 by Silvia Navas

It's a common misconception that if a product is labeled as "vegan," it only pertains to people who avoid all animal products. Herbivores and carnivores alike can equally benefit from the plentiful nutritious rewards vegan supplements provide, especially vegan protein powders. No matter where your dietary alliance lies, everyone should be aware of all the incredible advantages adding vegan protein to your daily regimen can offer your body. Here are a few reasons to start implementing vegan protein powders into your diet today!   The difference between animal and vegan protein Protein is vital for your body primarily for its abundance of amino acids. Essential amino acids must be consumed through your diet because your body is not able to produce them on its own. While most animal proteins contain the essential amino acids necessary to build more protein for your body, you can still receive all the essential amino acids you need from a variety of vegan protein sources, such as… Read More

The Season of "Donut" Peaches Continues…

posted on June 19th, 2014 by Keith Tsuchiyama

We just started our most unique stone fruit variety of the year; the Galaxy Donut White Peach. These aptly named donut peaches are flatly shaped and have an elliptical shape like our own Milky Way Galaxy. The Donut peaches have a distinguished sweet taste and have some of the highest brix (sugar to acid ratio) of any piece of stone fruit we sell. So, what’s the deal? Donut white peaches are lower in acid than other peaches - meaning you may not have that tart bite typically found in yellow peaches. These peaches are "drip off the chin" juicy. The fruit's thin skin has little or no fuzz, so it doesn't have to be peeled. Their small size lends itself to being eaten out of hand.   About Summeripe our partner/grower: Summeripe is one of the few large grower/shippers that still support multi-generational family-centric growers. Most of their fruit comes from small family farmers, many of who live on land farmed by their parents and grandparents. They are stewards of the land -… Read More

Raw Foods – Not just for Raw Foodists!

posted on June 19th, 2014 by Silvia Navas

If you think raw foods are only for the hard core raw foodist, you are missing out on some very delicious and nutritious treats! Why raw? You might ask. Well, there are many reasons why a person might choose a raw food diet, such as fulfilling ethical, spiritual, and nutritional needs. Independent of those reasons, it is important to understand that raw foods are simply nutritionally dense foods in the same sense that fresh fruits and vegetables are. Since they have not been heated, undenatured, irradiated, or highly processed, these foods maintain their nutritional profile almost intact. While a Raw Food Diet does mean consuming a high percentage of uncooked, unprocessed, and often organic foods, dehydrating machines and creative techniques now allow for a wider variety of raw foods to be available. The produce aisle is no longer your only option for finding raw foods. Now, Kale chips, cereals, chocolates, dips, nut butters, granolas, food bars, macaroons, cookies, sprouted nuts… Read More

We're crazy for Cupcakes!

posted on June 13th, 2014 by Christophe Moreau

If you are crazy for cupcakes like we are, you are definitely in for a sweet treat - for the month of June, we are celebrating cupcakes with featured weekly specials on our signature cupcake lines. And, if the Dad in your life has a sweet tooth, we've got some deals perfect for him.   From now through June 17, you can enjoy our six pack cupcakes for $4.59 each. This is a savings of $1.20 each. Our talented cupcake decorators amaze by creating beautiful designs that reflect the season or promotions happening in store...perfect for summer parties & backyard bbq's!   Starting June 18 - July 1, we will be featuring our Gourmet Cupcakes at $2.29 each. This is a savings of $1.00 each. With flavors such as Key Lime, Chocolate Peanut Butter Supreme, and Crème Brûlée..how can you go wrong? We'll give you a little nudge; our top three customer favorites for our Gourmet Cupcakes include our Red Velvet, White Chocolate, and Double Chocolate cupcakes. And don't forget, take… Read More

Go Glass! With Lifefactory Glass Bottles

posted on June 12th, 2014 by Kim Kaczor-Wardlow

GO GLASS!  That is the mantra of a terrific new partner of ours named Lifefactory.  This innovative company was founded by two innovators in Sausalito, CA, Daren Joy and Pam Marcus, who both shared a passion and desire to elevate mobile hydration options for those who truly understood the benefits of hydration on the go.   In just a very brief period of time the wonderful products from Lifefactory have been an instant hit with our savvy customers.  Just some of the benefits that have resonated so well with our supporters are as follows:   BPA/BPS free caps delivering an easy, efficient drinking experience BPA/BPS free glass bottles delivering the cleanest, purest taste BPA/BPS free medical grade silicone sleeves All parts made in the USA or in conjunction with European partners All parts are dishwasher safe     Currently at Bristol Farms, we carry about 10 varieties of Lifefactory bottles in some amazing, very cool colors. Although made of glass… Read More

Here come the plums!

posted on June 12th, 2014 by John Savidan

Although we are 9 days away from officially starting summer, things are definitely starting to heat up. Highs have already passed the triple digit mark, and with temperatures remaining high, this ensures our summer fruit should be excellent,  sweet in flavor and aroma, and display beautiful colors. This especially holds true for Plums, Plums, Plums!   This week, we are going to hit the mother load of black plums. The sweet and juicy Black Amber are being picked as we speak and should be in stores starting next week.  These plums will be dark black with a hint of root beer color and yellow flesh, and if you’ve never had a conditioned Summeripe Black Amber, soon will be your chance.  Because Mother Nature has a sense of humor, she has also moved up the start date for the Owen T plum, which will start by the middle of next week.  While it might be early, there is no joking about how special this plum is.  It’s big, and when we say big, we mean it. Hiromi Red plums will… Read More

Celebrating Donut Day in a Peachy Way

posted on June 6th, 2014 by John Savidan

It's National Donut Day! But, we're celebrating donuts in a very different way. For a very limited time, two weeks in fact, our produce departments are offering Galaxy Donut White Peaches from Summeripe. These aptly named donut peaches are flatly shaped and have an elliptical shape like our own Milky Way Galaxy. The Donut peaches have a distinguished sweet taste and have some of the highest brix of any piece of fruit we pack all year long. If you want to try these distinctive peaches, you had better act quickly, because they are in our stores for a very limited time.   In other stonefruit news, this week also marks one of the busiest production weeks of the year for Summeripe Yellow Peaches and Yellow Nectarines. The Earli Rich, Vista, and Rich Lady peaches are all in full swing. Each of these peaches have a dark crimson color that make them some of the most beautiful peaches packed all season. The Honey Nectarine series continues with the Honey Blaze and Honey Fire varieties… Read More

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