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Raw Foods – Not just for Raw Foodists!

posted on June 19th, 2014 by Silvia Navas

If you think raw foods are only for the hard core raw foodist, you are missing out on some very delicious and nutritious treats! Why raw? You might ask. Well, there are many reasons why a person might choose a raw food diet, such as fulfilling ethical, spiritual, and nutritional needs. Independent of those reasons, it is important to understand that raw foods are simply nutritionally dense foods in the same sense that fresh fruits and vegetables are. Since they have not been heated, undenatured, irradiated, or highly processed, these foods maintain their nutritional profile almost intact.

While a Raw Food Diet does mean consuming a high percentage of uncooked, unprocessed, and often organic foods, dehydrating machines and creative techniques now allow for a wider variety of raw foods to be available. The produce aisle is no longer your only option for finding raw foods. Now, Kale chips, cereals, chocolates, dips, nut butters, granolas, food bars, macaroons, cookies, sprouted nuts, trail mixes, and superfoods like goji berries are just some of the delightfully delicious options available in our grocery and natural living aisles.

Any person looking for healthier snack options can benefit from these amazing foods without having to commit to a full raw food diet. Some of my favorite treats are Navitas Power Snacks, Go Raw Spirulina Super Chips, and Alive Kale Krunch Chips, just to name a few. They are so satisfying, delicious, and nutritious that they are perfect to travel with, keep by your desk, or take on a hike. So don’t shy away from these nutrition packed snacks – give them a try and you may be pleasantly surprised. Cheers to your health!


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