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Weekend Demos for Foodies

posted on July 3rd, 2014 by Martin Deveau


Sip by Sip by Sip – not by gulping – is how I have enjoyed this very refreshing tea.  When I drink The Republic of Tea, I am taken to a lifestyle of just relaxing in the backyard, enjoying the views of the palm trees, taking advantage of a rare, quiet moment.  This tea is meant to be enjoyed sip by sip.  Each tea is brewed to perfection and then bottled in a distinct, uniquely shaped glass bottle.  They have four different flavors and all are unsweetened. With a tea this good, you won’t miss the sugar.  The flavors available are: Green Tea, Passion Fruit, and Pomegranate. Each of these teas have a nice fruity taste, but not overpowering like some other varieties of fruit enhanced teas.  The Decaf  Ginger Peach Decaf is my personal favorite, and is an excellent celebration of Bristol Farms’ current promotion, “The Power of the Peach.” It is like biting into a nice ripe peach. The Darjeeling tea is described as the “Champagne” of tea because Darjeeling tea is only grown in a certain region of India. It has a distinct, unique and light flavor.  Stop by and have a sip of one of these delightful teas on Saturday, July 5, from 11:00am – 2:00pm at one of the of the following Bristol Farms stores: Rolling Hills, South Pasadena, Manhattan Beach, Westchester, Newport Beach, West Hollywood, La Jolla, Westwood, Palm Desert and Santa Monica.



Hip Chick Chicken was originally created for children, but has recently gained popularity amongst adults being an excellent meal for the whole family.  I can see why!  They have three products that are made from the quality chicken that comes from Mary’s Chicken at Pitman Farms.  The chicken used for Hip Chick Chicken products are antibiotic free, free range, and all natural. There are three products to choose from: Chicken Meatballs, which are so moist; Chicken Fingers, which are made from whole pieces of chicken breast; and Chicken Wings, which have just the right amount of spice.  They are perfect for any time of the day; they make a great snack or dinner entree.  You can taste Hip Chick Chicken on Saturday, July 5, from 4:00pm – 7:00pm at the following Bristol Farms’ stores: South Pasadena, Manhattan Beach, Newport Beach, West Hollywood, La Jolla and Santa Monica.


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