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Peet's Holiday Blend is here!

posted on October 9th, 2014 by Christophe Moreau

peetsEach holiday, Peet’s blends the best beans from some of their favorite regions to create the perfect celebratory coffee to share with your loved ones during the holidays. The 2014 blends have made their way to all Bristol Farms stores and are available in pre-packaged ground, whole bean, decaf, and kcups. Below are the regions and tasting notes of this year’s selection:


Guatemala! One of Alfred Peet’s favorite origins. Peets went into the coffee growing paradise of Antigua, where three dramatic volcanoes encircle the coffee growing microclimate. Their mission to find the tastiest beans took us to San Sebastian where they have been buying beans for decades. Here they were greeted by the tastiest crop in memory – a perfect cup bursting with superbly refined & bright flavor.


Ethiopia! The birthplace of Arabica Coffee and the greatest source of genetic (and flavor) diversity on the coffee globe. Most sought-after are the sweet, citric, and elegantly perfumed coffees of Yirgacheffe – a region first popularized by a Peet’s supplier, the venerated exporter Hailu Gebre Hiwot. (He’s also the founder of the KIMSSA School, where underprivileged kids become “Peet’s Scholars”).


Kenya! Do we even have to explain Kenya? Smooth as silk, with savory notes, impossible browned sugar sweetness and distinctive layers of blackberry, some say black currant fruit.


Sumatra! Peetniks’ favorite single origin coffee, light on acidity but heavy on flavor, with earth, spice, and tobacco-like depths plumbed by no other bean (with the exception of Sulawesi). Smoother, poly-savory and more syrupy still, is their special offering quality Sumatra Batak. We supplement this ultra-select coffee from the Utara (north) of the island with a touch of the truly rare, Aged Sumatra Batak. Heavy with humid, tropical spice and mellowed to caramel-like sweetness, it carries Holiday Blend to its superb long finish.


That’s the pick of the 2014 crop, the feast of flavor, and annual celebratory cup! All combined, the 2014 Holiday Blend offers coffee that is rich and full-bodied, layered with cacao, dark berry, and spice. Enjoy!

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