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The Art that is Sushi Making

posted on July 17th, 2015 by Craig Tsuchiyama

sushiToday’s sushi comes in many styles and flavors.   What one may have seen in the past, probably took on a few changes as it continues to evolve here on the West coast.   Sushi Chefs all over the world are fusing their own ethnic flavors with sushi and creating a whole new eating experience.   Yes, sushi is changing but we must not forget where we started from and at the very least, know the kind of sushi they are not just by the novelty names we gave to them. So here’s a little sushi guide to help us remember.

Nigiri Sushi:

  • Nigiri – a small ball of sushi rice formed by hand with a topping into a rectangular shape. Usually one order contains two pieces of Nigiri sushi. Mastering how much pressure to use to form the Nigiri is the key.
  • Gunkanmaki – created for those toppings that just won’t stay on top. It’s made by surrounding the shaped rice with a strip of seaweed. This forms a cup for soft toppings like diced fish or Salmon roe.

Maki Sushi (Rolls):

  • Futomaki, or Norimaki, are large sized rolls made with a full sheet of seaweed.
  • Chumaki are medium sized rolls, such as Spicy Tuna Roll, made with a medium-sized sheet of seaweed.
  • Hosomaki are small rolls, such as cucumber or tuna rolls, made with a half sheet of seaweed.
  • Uramaki are rolls made with rice on the outside and seaweed on the inside.

Temaki Sushi

  • The Hand Roll is the easiest to make, easiest to eat, and easiest to experiment with new flavors. These are made into a cone-like shape, just like an ice cream cone. When having a sushi party at home, consider making hand rolls as these tend to be the most enjoyable to make. They are typically made with a half sheet of seaweed.

Whether you’re just picking up a quick bite to eat or preparing to wow your guests with your home made sushi, our Sushi Departments have quality sushi and the quality ingredients you need, already prepared and always fresh.

Come by and try a Spicy Tuna Temaki or two; they are currently on sale for $2.99 each through July 28th.

We’ve been in the fresh sushi business since 1986!

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