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Cotton Candy Grapes!

posted on August 14th, 2015 by John Savidan

cotton candy grapesThere’s no need to visit the fair or circus to get a taste of the sugar-spun treat we all loved as kids. With Cotton Candy Grapes at Bristol Farms, you can now enjoy the sweet taste of Cotton Candy without the guilt of the sugar intake or artificial ingredients typically found in the real stuff.

Cotton Candy Grapes get their unique sweet taste the all natural way. Our growers, the Grapery®, feed their fruit with organic-based fertilizers and compost. Unlike many others, they use drip irrigation so the fruit is supplied a precise amount of water and plant food.

The process of growing Cotton Candy Grapes in a meticulous one – the Grapery® starts with grape varietals that have been developed over years of natural cross-breeding. The grapes are grown in fields under ideal growing conditions. Finally, they let their grapes mature on the vine until they have reached their perfect flavor – and sweetness – before harvesting them. It’s quite the process, but to achieve the incredible cotton candy-like flavor, nothing less will do.

The Grapery® maintains all-natural practices to ensure a unique taste experience without the need for additives, infusions, or GMO. We encourage you to try these grapes while they are at Bristol Farms for a very limited time. They go fast, and once they’re gone, they’re gone.

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