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Locally Grown Organic Fuerte Avocados

posted on November 20th, 2015 by John Savidan

vasquez2The Fuerte avocado is considered a medium to large fruit that can weigh up to one pound. Its shape is elongated and pear-like. The Fuerte has a smooth easy-peeling thin skin with a deep grass color and dark speckles throughout. Its flesh is dense, pale yellow in color and marginally oily. It has a rich, creamy flavor with notes of hazelnuts and a clean, grassy finish.

The history of the Fuerte avocado starts in the year 1911 in Puebla, Mexico, 80 miles east of Mexico City. On behalf of the West Indian Nursery in Altadena, California, American, Carl Schmidt, 21 at the time, traveled to Mexico City and Puebla in search of quality avocados, specifically avocado trees. He cut budwood from the best trees, numbered them and shipped them back to Altadena. Most of the buds refused adaptation to the soil and climate, but number 15 flourished. It survived the greet freeze of 1913 and hence it was given its name, Fuerte, Spanish for “strong”. That single tree is responsible for spawning California’s avocado industry.


Fuerte is harvested late fall through spring, the Fuerte is the original high quality California Avocado.

Known For: Pear-shape, Medium seed, Peels easily, Great taste

Size: Medium to large fruit, ranging from 5 to 14 oz

Appearance: Smooth, thin green skin, Creamy, pale green flesh

You know it’s ripe when: Fruit yields to gentle pressure, Skin remains green.


Our Grower

Rancho Vasquez has been organic for years, even before the time came when it was necessary to be certified organic. Organic practices have been handed down from generation to generation in the Vasquez family. Some of the first avocados arriving in California were planted in the San Gabriel Valley and our micro-climate and rich soil are perfect for avocados. Rancho Vasquez is the only avocado orchard left in the San Gabriel Valley, nestled in the foothills of Azusa. The pride and hard work that goes into caring for each tree is immeasurable. We have recently received official Organic Certification in 2007 however, at Rancho Vasquez our trees have been cared for organically for decades.


Meet the Family

Rancho Vasquez is a local family owned and operated business dating back three generations. Originally we harvested organic avocados to supply the Vasquez family restaurant. Since then we have grown into a 123-acre organic avocado orchard in the foothills of Azusa, CA where the Vasquez family all reside together. Still committed to family, and the orchard, harvest time is an event in the Vasquez household where every family member is involved – big and small. Depending on the season we harvest Hass or Fuerte avocados by hand, and deliver them to local restaurants and markets throughout Los Angeles.

Art and Geri Vasquez are the proud owners of Rancho Vasquez. Art has been harvesting avocados since childhood. Art always had avocado trees in his yard and shared the passion of fruit growing with his children just as his father and grandfather had done with him. At one point or another all five of Art and Geri’s children have shared in the growth of the ranch. Today on the ranch, harvest time is a family affair. Art and Geri can be caught in the ranch with one or all of their 7 grandchildren, sharing the family tradition of organic fruit growing practices.

Art and Geri’s third son, Vincent Vasquez is vice-president of the ranch. His cousin, Damien Vasquez is chief of operations. Together they attend to the daily operations and participate in every aspect of the ranch, from planting to harvesting to delivering the avocados. They are the arm in the trademark and the backbone of the ranch.

We at Bristol Farms are proud to offer you locally grown organic avocados from Rancho Vasquez.

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