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First of the Season Lilacs!

posted on March 1st, 2016 by Kristin Lares

We are so thrilled to be offering first of the season Lilacs in our floral shops! There is nothing better than a large bouquet of lilacs and, luckily for you, there is no waiting until spring. You can soon start to enjoy the pleasant, sweet scent of a freshly picked lilac bouquet in your own home.

Our lilacs are locally grown in Acton, California by a farmer with a rich history. John Colombo, now in his mid-80’s, inherited the farm from his father, Christopher Colombo Brevidoro, an Italian immigrant who turned out to be largest lilac grower and founder of the industry. No one else was producing lilacs commercially in the country when Brevidoro put $1.50 down on a rock-strewn ranch overlooking Acton in 1935. Even during the Depression, the flowers were popular among Easterners who came to Los Angles for the winter.

Brevidoro and his sons cleared brush and rocks on weekends, staying in the unheated farmhouse lit by coal lamps. Today, John continues to maintain the farm because of his passion and love for farming.

Selection & Care

Select lilac flowers that have almost all flowerets open. We recommend smashing the stems or vertically cut multiple times at the base of the bark so the stems can easily drink water.  Trim back most or all of the leaves. Place the flowers in a large vase with water. We suggest a large vase with a big bunch of flowers for a real showy display. To extend their indoor life, keep lilac flowers in a cool location, and away from direct sunlight.



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