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New! Bristol Farms Organic Bottled Teas

posted on March 28th, 2016 by Don Bandow

bf teaBristol Farms is proud to offer our new organic ready to drink teas in four delicious flavors: Black Tea, Peach Tea, Green Tea Citrus, and Unsweetened Passion Fruit. Our teas are brewed with premium organic tea leaves sourced from the finest tea gardens from around the world – never from concentrate. Bristol Farms Iced Teas are less processed meaning some of the good stuff tends to settle at the bottom. It’s best to shake well before serving. Our sweetened teas contain only 40 calories per bottle. Enjoy these teas chilled – they’re perfect for sipping on during warm days of spring and summer.

Black Tea
For those who enjoy a cup of black tea daily but want something cool and refreshing in summer, try Bristol Farms Organic Black iced tea. Retaining black tea’s stronger flavor, Organic Black is an energizing tea, with a perfect touch of cane sugar and honey.

Peach Tea
Flood your senses with the pleasant aroma and taste of ripened peaches. On first sip, Bristol Farms Organic Peach Iced Tea is light and delicate, mimicking the sweet summer flavor of freshly sliced peaches, followed by a pleasant surprise – the brisk note of tea.

Green Tea Citrus
For the green tea enthusiasts, we offer our green tea brewed with ginkgo biloba leaves, the poignant grassy aroma and taste of Bristol Farms Organic Green bottled ice tea is tailored to the green tea aficionado who has an acquired taste for ginkgo. Organic Green appeals to health-conscious individuals seeking a beverage both beneficial and refreshing.

Unsweetened Passion Fruit
Our delicious zero-calorie Organic Passion Fruit Black Tea is a combination of traditional black tea with a hint of passion fruit.  All of the flavor with zero calories and zero guilt.

2 comments on “New! Bristol Farms Organic Bottled Teas

  1. Farideh says:

    Does the passion fruit organic unsweetened tea have caffeine? why does it not say that on the bottle?

    1. Don Bandow says:

      Thank you for commenting on our blog. The PassionFruit Organic Tea does contain caffeine. It is not a requirement to list the caffeine content on the bottle, but we appreciate your feedback and will consider for future production.

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