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Fresh, Natural, Made‑In‑House Sausages

posted on July 18th, 2016 by Rick Stidham

Ever since Bristol Farms first opened its doors, the Meat Department’s fresh sausages have always been the talk of the town! What makes our sausages so different? Bristol Farms’ butchers are skilled old-world sausage masters that make our links fresh-in-house every day using the freshest ingredients.

Did you know that most of Bristol Farms’ natural sausage recipes were invented right here in-house?  That’s right. Some of our recipes date back more than 30 years, and the skills and recipes have been passed down throughout the years. Below are some of our classic customer favorites that are a staple in our meat cases including a limited time flavor, Peach Infused Chicken Sausage. Air-chilled chicken, fresh cut peaches, and a blend of secret spices makes up this sweet and savory sausage.

We offer a wide variety of chicken, turkey, and pork sausages in many different flavor profiles, making them a suitable accompaniment for a vast amount of dishes. Here we listed some of our flavor offerings and serving suggestions to go along with them.


Pork Sweet or Hot Italian Grill and serve on a French roll with marinara sauce & melted mozzarella
Pork Bratwurst Grill & serve with mustard, sauerkraut,
sauteed potatoes, & beer
Chicken Apple Great as a breakfast sausage, and for kids
Spicy Portuguese Linguista Great in Paella or Jambalaya
Chicken Fiesta Sausage Grilled with Onions, Bell Pepper, & Mustard
Chicken Peach Sausage Great in a light sauce atop pasta


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