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Frozen at Sea Wild Salmon

posted on November 3rd, 2016 by Craig Tsuchiyama

Do you miss having fresh tasting fish during the winter months, and getting the essential intake of Omega-3 fatty acids that only fish like wild Salmon can provide? We’re proud to introduce our Frozen-at-Sea Salmon (FAS) product which is a better quality and fresher tasting fish than some of our fresh fish products.

During the peak of the season when the salmon are at their best, King and Coho salmon are frozen-at-sea.  This allows us to have superior quality wild salmon year-round. These fish are actually “fresher than fresh”, have better quality and are better tasting than some of our fresh fish products.frozen-sea-salmon

The technique has been perfected over the last decade. The key is immediate, rapid freezing at very low temperature (minus 40° F) known as cryogenic freezing, right on the boat. The fully frozen fish are dipped several times in freshwater to give them a thin coating of ice which seals in moisture and prevents dehydration.

FAS salmon can be maintained at minus 20° for up to 9 months, with virtually no loss in quality. The fish are held in cold storage facilities owned by our suppliers, until we have them shipped.

An important requirement of proper handling of FAS salmon is slow defrosting at 32° to 35° F. Proper defrosting requires 24 to 36 hours (depending on the size of the fish). The result is a fish that is essentially as fresh and delicious as the day it was caught. Only fish served aboard the fishing boat are fresher.

British Columbia’s Queen Charlotte’s Wild King and Coho Salmon are our FAS Salmon choices to be featured throughout the winter months. In addition we will offer Fresh Farm Raised Atlantic Salmon and Steelhead. These wild caught King Salmon are now available just as the wild salmon runs end.   Come in a try our FAS salmon and let us know how you like it.

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